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In 2011, a friend came to me with chronic hives. Despite prescription antihistamines, she was getting worse. “If I knew I’d be like this the rest of my life, I’d kill myself,” she said.

I channeled my healing energy. It didn’t work. I’d been working with energy for 20 years, and it was easy to focus on the intent, but my unconscious didn’t know how to help her. The intent doesn’t help when your healing energy doesn’t have a path to success.

I wasn’t done, though. I practice a unique system of healing. Instead of focusing on intent (through visualization, ritual, temporary beliefs, etc), I consciously guide my mind through each step of enacting that intent: Which tissues to connect to, what energy to apply, how to handle every detail. So when my unconscious doesn’t know what to do, I can consciously guide it, step by step.

We did a second healing session the same day. Instead of adjusting the energy of only her skin, we focused on all the nerves between her skin and her brain, applying healing energy to each nerve transmitting the itch signal. Within 15 minutes, her itching dropped from 8/10 to 4/10.

Over the next two months, we researched hives, drawing from Western medicine to understand the tissues and mechanisms involved in the condition. We design better healing techniques for the energy of nerves and immune system. The morning after our third technique, she awoke free from hives for the first time in almost a year. And since our fourth technique, she’s only had mild outbreaks under extremely high stress. You can read more here.

This is a microcosm of the system of healing I’ve developed over the past 20+ years. It’s about consciously guiding the mind, rather than leaving the details to the unconscious. It’s about creating new paths for our intent. It’s about solving new problems and pushing the limits of our art. And it’s about using all that to help the people we love.

My dream is to create a global community of energy researchers, all collaborating to understand these phenomena and using those insights to solve real-world problems. I hope you’ll join us.


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