Asking “What’s Healthy?”

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Hedonism.  Pursuing pleasure.  It’s so popular it has its own name.

This morning I woke up wanting to play video games instead of study magick.  I asked myself “What’s healthy?”  It helps wake up the part of my mind that takes care of me.

Asking “What’s healthy?” has guided me through goals I didn’t want to finish.  It’s given me the confidence to end bad friendships, projects and jobs.  I trust that part of myself more than anything else.

I’ve heard that blogging is therapy.  It is.  It helps you figure out what’s next.

Tomorrow I’m going to do some magick to connect the part of my mind that answers “What’s healthy?” to my conscious mind, so I can access it more easily, and so it can influence me more.  I’ll write about how it goes.

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