Dancing and Magick

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I dance. Ballroom, swing, salsa. Even taught professionally for a couple years. Hobbyists learn different things than novices training to be professionals.

Hobbyists learn sequences of steps. Left foot here, right foot there.

Professionals learn to move. They learn to isolate muscles so they can move their torso without moving their hips (for Rumba) or lower their hips without losing their posture (for Waltz). They learn to step with different parts of their feet, so they can use the ball of their foot for Swing or the heel for Foxtrot.

In the first months, professionals don’t learn a dance. They learn the building blocks of dance. After 2 months of training, a hobbyist will know more moves than a soon-to-be professional.

But once professionals know the fundamentals, they can learn any dance quickly. While the hobbyist is struggling with movements that don’t feel natural (because their weight is on the wrong part of the foot, or their torso gets out of balance when they move their hips), the pro is constructing dance moves from building blocks they’ve already mastered.

In magick, if all you want is energy healing or manifesting*, then learn Reiki or A.O. Spare’s runes. But if you want to learn everything, and understand how magick and reality work, then start with the fundamentals.

*Manifesting is the magick of influencing events. It is a staple of ritual and runic magick.

I practice direct magick. It’s about controlling magick consciously, so you can learn how reality and magick work and control them in many ways. Like professional dance, it starts with fundamentals.

The first fundamentals are building energy, connecting to people, and tracing other peoples’ connections.

Next is connecting to your mind, your brain, and your body, and recognizing the signatures. Then you activate new parts of your mind, and connect them to your brain, to enable you do do more magick.

Once that is done, you can learn skills quickly. To influence events, learn communication, then learn what systems to connect to and what to tell them. To learn energy healing, learn to shift injured energy signatures to look like healthy ones. Both of those fundamental skills enable a lot more than just manifesting and energy healing.

And that’s the point: learning fundamentals lets you learn skills more quickly.

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