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My main magickal project this year has been mental communication. I’ve done simple communication for years: a spirit or experienced mage connects to my brain, reads my thoughts, and puts their thoughts in my head. It works great if you trust the person, and if they can do it. But it doesn’t work at all otherwise.

My goal has been to send thoughts over a connection, like spirits do. This lets me talk with people* I don’t trust, and with people who can’t read and write thoughts from my brain.

Last week I found out it’s working.

*Spirits are people too. If I’m talking strictly about humans, I say “humans”.

Spirits bother my girlfriend sometimes. She’s a skilled psychic and a beginner at direct magick, which attracts energy draining spirits. They feed on peoples’ energy, leaving the person lethargic. I’ve never had a good way to handle it.

Sure, I could injure them. They can’t stop me. But… I don’t want to.

I would always try to chase them off. I’d hit them lightly, and say “Leave her alone.” But I couldn’t trust them connect to me, so I never knew if the communication was working. The spirits would come back again and again until I injured them. The needless destruction bothered me.

I’d often wonder what I could have done differently. Now I know.

In the past few weeks, my girlfriend has been bothered by three spirits. Each time, instead of attacking the spirit, I used the new communication technique to say “Leave her alone, she’s under my protection”. I was expecting it to be just as ineffective as before. But each time, the spirit said “OK,” removed its connections, and hasn’t come back.

Problem solved. A little communication saved a lot of fighting.

I’m ready for my next project.

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