Ignoring Your Job

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Today my mind keeps going to a disagreement at work.  It’s not important in the “I’ll care about this a month from now” sense.  But it’s recent and social, so my mind keeps going there.

So I ask myself “What do I want to make exist today?”

I got this question indirectly from Hugh MacLeod’s Ignore Everybody.  He says that, when making art, it’s good if no money is on the line because then you’re left with the question “Do I want to make this damn thing exist or not.”

He’s writing about artists, but there are a lot of similarities between artists and mages.  Both need an internal drive to create something the rest of the world considers a waste of time.

So, what do I want to make exist today?

The project at work: Not really.
Magick skill: Yes.
The fight with the guy at work: Part of me does want to make that exist.  But that’s another post.

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