I Get Injured Learning Magick: Spirit Edition

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Last night I was contacted by a spirit* I hadn’t worked with before. Spirits don’t have names, but I’ll call him Pete. Definitely male, and more magickally skilled than me. He’s part of a group of spirits that often helps me out.

*Spirits are people without bodies. Some deeply understand how magick works. Note: Ghosts are different than spirits.

Pete is researching how humans produce energy — how power from the soul turns into energy in the body — and how that impacts a person’s magickal development.

First, a quick background on how energy production works.

Everybody has magickal structures, connected to their body, that produce energy. You can turn them on and strengthen them by meditating on energy production, for example, visualizing light entering into your body. Some visualizations have you bring energy in from your head, or the floor, or somewhere else. That’s just imagery to tell your unconscious to produce energy. Different visualizations can produce different types of energy, but the source of the energy is always* the same: your energy-producing structures.

*This is for basic energy meditations. Some styles, like Reiki, draw energy from a magickal system.

I learned about energy production to get better at energy healing. After changing the energy signature in the body, I align energy production to that new state. This helps the effect become permanent.

Pete also understands energy production at that level. He wanted to understand how power flows from the soul to the structures that make energy, and how changes to that path can influence the entirety of a person’s energy production. He had some ideas, made some changes, and waited.

The headache started quickly. It wasn’t any worse than you might get from coffee withdrawl, but a headache is often the first sign of something gone wrong magickally. When I told Pete, the changes in my energy made it hard to hold my brain the right state to send my thoughts to him.

Breaking things is easy. Fixing them is hard.

Pete worked with another spirit to restore most of the paths he’d changed. I went to sleep, looking forward to feeling better in the morning.

But they missed some spots, which caused me to produce the wrong kind of energy. Overnight I developed a headache and nausea, and making it hard to do magick.

I called Luke, the best spirit I know. He trains my trainers and leads the group that Pete is in. Luke deeply understands the paths that bring power from soul, and can change them easily. But he doesn’t know which energies a human needs, so he didn’t know what changes to make.

I called Joe, the best human I know. He’s worked professionally as a mage, doing energy healing and researching magick. He fixed my energy like it was nothing. I’d never been so happy just to feel normal.

But Joe didn’t change things as deeply Pete did. He didn’t touch the paths from soul. So Joe’s fixes only lasted a few minutes.

I didn’t know any single person* who knew enough to fix this, but maybe I didn’t have to. I got Joe to hold my energy the way it was supposed to be while Luke adjusted the path from soul to support that new energy state.

*Spirits are people, too. When I mean non-spirit human, I use “human”.

It reduced the headache. Progress!

We tried another spot, and I continued getting better. Then I asked Joe how many spots there were. His answer: Nearly an infinite amount. There are a ton of places we produce energy. Open an anatomy textbook, and just about every labeled part has a small bit of energy production associated with it. This point-by-point approach would never work.

When all else fails, tap your network. Luke knows a lot of spirits. He put me in touch with Sam, a specialist in energy production and the power that drives it.

Correcting Pete’s changes was easy for Sam. If I had called him right away, that would have been it. But because I had slept on it, my cells were saturated with disruptive energy.

One bit more of the mechanics of energy before I can finish the story:

Energy is activated structure. The type of energy is determined by the type of structure and the way it’s activated. The easy way to change from one energy to another is to use the same structure and just change how it’s activated. But if the energies aren’t similar enough, you have to flush the old structure out as you pour the new structure in.

These energies weren’t similar at all. We had to flush the old structure out of my body three times over the next four hours. Each session took half an hour.

I learned not to let spirits experiment on me.

I learned to fix everything before sleeping. Properly. With an expert.

I learned how reliable my friends are, and how much they will work to keep me healthy.

It was worth it.

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