Learn More by Failing More

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The man who says he did something right the first time hasn’t learned to do it right yet.

To learn faster, don’t focus on success. Focus on trying more things. You will fail more. But success is constructed from hundreds of failures.

Some people measure themselves by their failures, worrying about mistakes as though the day would repeat and they could memorize the right answer.

My mother is like that. Sometimes, I am, too.

My best non-magickal advice is to use cognative salience. The human mind thinks events are more important if it can recall them easily, regardless of their real-world impact. Picture your successes in vivid detail. Make them easy to recall. Your mind will decide they’re important, and review them more than your failures.

More recently, I’ve learned to use magick to alter my personality by connecting semi-conscious and unconscious thought patterns to my conscious mind. It’s let me accept a lot of things I never could before. I’ll post more about it later this year.

How do you learn from failures, then let them go?

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