Learning Magick: Energy Meditation

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Energy meditation uses visualization to drive your unconscious mind to produce energy. It’s a good initial exercise because, with practice, you can physically feel the heat and pressure of the energy, and it’s useful long-term because most magick uses energy at some level.

But the real point is to wake up the parts of your mind that do magick and train them to respond to conscious thought.

You can find lots of energy meditations online.  Making that list, I was amazed by instructions to “visualize energy entering your head”, as though you see magickal energy entering things all the time.

Good visualizations should be, well, visual.  Imagine something that viscerally says “energy” to you: an incandescent white mist, glowing embers from a fire, or hyperactive donkeys that drink too much coffee. Make it concrete, visceral, and use as many senses as possible.

Simpler is generally better. This is the format I still use:
1.  Start meditating: Breathe and relax
2.  Build energy: Imagine a white* light, like an incandescent mist, entering your body each time you breath in, leaving its light inside you.  It can enter your head, chest, pelvis, wherever.  But pick one point so you can imagine it concretely.
3.  Build more energy: Expand the white light throughout the rest of your body.  Alternately, repeat step 2 for other parts of your body.
4.  Do something with the energy, like channel it into a friend, once you’ve practiced for a while and can comfortably generate the energy.
5.  Ground: Get rid of excess energy. Imagine it flowing out of you. For example, flowing into the earth, or reverse step 2 and exhale the white light with every breath.

*The color doesn’t matter, except for what it represents to you.  White is popular since it generally symbolizes purity.

What you’ll feel: A pleasant heat or pressure, and the tingling you feel when someone is looking at you, starting where you first breathe the light into, and expanding throughout your body, linking your spine from your pelvis to the crown of your head. It typically takes a few days of practice before you feel anything, and several weeks before you feel the energy throughout your body.

Experiment with different images, sequences, and parts of the meditation.  It builds the confidence to push boundaries and the insight to fix errors next time.

Try not grounding (step 5), for example. You will get a headache until you get rid of the excess energy. Learning to recognize an energy headache will help you later on.

One warning: Building energy makes you more attractive and noticeable to parasitic spirits.  If you start feeling really tired, one may have connected to you.  If you work with more experienced practitioners, ask them for help.  If you don’t, your best option as a beginner may be the LBRP ritual.

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13 Responses to “Learning Magick: Energy Meditation”

  1. Japanese Sudent 17 yeas old says:

    I am Japanese hight school student.
    I like magick very much.

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks for writing. I’m glad you found this site. Be well -Mike

  3. Gizmottooo says:

    One method to cleanse ones self of parasitic entities is too imagine burning them with fire off of your body or aura. If one has doubt in this method, use your doubt as the thoughtform or thought-tool to cleanse your energy field. Essentially establish doubt of your energy onto or towards the parasites intending for the parasites to not want your energy. :) It is truly all in the mind.

  4. Saud Alanazi says:

    I am very glad that I found this website, increasing my knowledge in certain topics that cannot be found validly anywhere else.
    I would like to ask if this type of meditation is able to charge the body chakras with energy?
    And how this meditation can help in astral projection?

    Thank you!
    Saud Alanazi

    • Hi Saud, as near as I can tell, the phenomenon people refer to as “chakras” is the energy produced by your organs. Each tissue produces a different type of energy, and by the time it reaches the aura, the energy produced by the tissues of the organs seems to resemble chakras in location. (I haven’t found any more promising explanation in a decade of exploring the biofield.) More: https://magickofthought.com/2014/04/aura-and-chakras-my-work-april-5-11/

      Others have suggested that chakras correspond to the lymphatic system. I could see how ancient healers, not knowing the actual underlying bodily systems, would roll multiple phenomenon into one overall model of the body. So I don’t think it’s either / or — I could see chakras being based on both the biofield of organs, and also on the lymphatic system, combined over centuries.

      In either case, I wouldn’t recommend changing them.

      But, I’m guessing your underlying question is something like, “How can I learn to use the body’s energy to do useful things like healing?” And my answer there is yes, Direct Magick is a great way to learn that. Start with the book (linked from that blue bar at the top of this page).

      (And I don’t do astral projection, but if you learn Direct Magick, and learn psychic intuitions within it, you can use those tools to explore astral projection and help us all figure out how it really works.)

  5. Connor Congelton says:

    As curious as this may sound, I may have accidentally stumbled upon the desired result of this experiment. Ever since I visited a hypnotist show about a year ago, i have had the ability, when i am alone, to alter my mind in several ways, including the ability to build a very overwhelming tingling sensation in the head, which can spread from head to toe. This phenomena, along with another strange set of phenomena involving de ja vuj dreams have driven me to research more thoroughly, though as my aspiring career in science has raised several moral issues on the topic… this article provides the most accurate description I have thus found. If you have any advice, or comment, or further information on the topic which I might explore it would be greatly appreciated

    • That’s excellent. One of the challenges of this work is knowing the source of sensations — similar sensations can occur due to energy, hypnosis, proprioception, and other causes. So keep going, keep exploring, and I’m eager to see where it leads for you. Good luck!

  6. amin says:

    Hello, im attracted to parasitic spirits, whats the sign? How we can see or sens it? How to ged rid of it? Cause i’ve been practicing magick, and its working, i even stopped the rain, but i DO feel somehow like tired, irritated, thx u so much

  7. Julie says:

    Hyper active donkeys, lol :) What if I’m too lazy or scared to practice?
    Compassion is a form of energy and I had to use that recently. See, I’ve been practicing! Even meditation scares me sometimes, to be with my thoughts and feelings, it’s not easy! I hear the truth when it’s quiet. The noise is a nice escape and I find answers there, too.

    • I’m not sure if you intended your questions to be taken literally, but I will.

      If you are too lazy to practice, you will not learn very much. But you wrote a book, with no manager there to make you write, so I don’t think you’re lazy.

      If you are too scared to practice, reflect on that. Listen to that part of yourself, hear what it’s afraid of. Allow yourself time to metabolize that fear. This becomes your daily practice. It’s ok if this takes days, even months, but do this every day. If your thoughts and feelings are not easy to be with, this might be a good practice for you. Less noise, less escape, more growth.

      Compassion is a form of emotional energy. It is valuable, but it is different from biofield energy. It’s important to be clear on the different types of energy so we can decide which muscles / skills to develop.

  8. Julie says:

    Thank you :)

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