Manifesting and Feeling Lost

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A colleague insulted my work recently. Not criticized. Insulted.

He’s a friend. We’ve had dinner together. I’ve met his wife. He goes out of his way to help me sometimes. But now I felt I couldn’t trust him. It was terribly ambiguous.

So I turned to manifesting, the magick of predicting and influencing events. If “The Law of Attraction” worked, this is the magick it would use. I asked about his motivation, if it will happen again, and how to handle it.

The response was detailed: The colleague is a bully, he does this when he feels threatened, and I should stop trusting him but continue letting him think we’re friends. Also some concrete steps to take next.

Magickally, it was a success. Personally, I grew up a bit. It makes me sad.

I’m also using manifesting for some career decisions this week. Complicated things with a lot of unknowns that I can’t strategize about myself. I should feel blessed to have these peeks into the future.

But today I feel lost. I know what to do, but not why. I know some of the outcomes, but not enough to plan it myself. Manifesting tells me the pieces, but I never see the whole situation.

Psychics, is this how you feel? Any advice?

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2 Responses to “Manifesting and Feeling Lost”

  1. Ishtar Hawke says:

    I do feel lost at times. But it quickly dissipates into a sense of adventure, rather than frustration.
    We all have a Gift, varying in degrees and advancement. You clearly use yours, and with much success ( I’m pleased to know ).
    But the polarity of the 3rd Dimension and the Law of Free Will means it’s up to us what we’d do with our Gifts. For Learning is the point of our Existence here. Nothing will be given out for free, and at times it’d cost us a price, too. But we do ALWAYS have a choice.

    All the pieces shall eventually fit together, “If thy Heart is True.”

    Em Hotep,
    Ishtar Hawke

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks Ishtar, for the kind words and encouragement. “Nothing will be given out for free.” Don’t I know it! I sometimes wonder “why couldn’t I have picked an easier art form?”

    Thanks, also, for being my first commenter. I feel like I’ve hit a small milestone. Woo!

    I hope you enjoy the posts.


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