Overcoming Your Own Mediocrity

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It’s easy to only try things that can’t fail. Make yourself lucky but never define the outcome. Make yourself feel slightly less sick but don’t cure the cold. Communicate with a spirit, but only find out things you already knew.

But you need goals. Overcoming your own mediocrity requires risk.

When you’re starting magick, it’s hard to set concrete goals. You can’t yet cure a cold instantly, or communicate detailed information.

I’m working on a free guide to help beginners set real goals. Things that only work if you do them right. So you know what you accomplished with your practice.

Don’t worry if you don’t expect to succeed. Every time I set a new goal, I expect to fail. It doesn’t matter. If the technique is right the magick works. Expectations don’t matter when the technique is conscious.

So set some goals. Overcome your own mediocrity. And check back here for the guide.

Hat tip: I borrowed the phrase “Overcoming your own mediocrity” from an article by Robert Bruce of Knife Gun Pen.

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