Telepathic Communication

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Today I learned to communicate properly.

Not an incremental improvement.  Not “communicate just well enough to talk with a spirit”.

The right way to do it.  At least, according to my trainer.

Here’s the basic plan: As you think, different parts of your brain take on different signatures*.  If another person puts your thought’s signatures into her brain, she thinks what you were thinking.

*Some people would say energy signatures.  It’s the same idea.  But thoughts aren’t energy, and thought signatures behave differently than energy signatures.

Simple to say.  Hard to do, for 2 reasons:

1.  Thoughts happen in many areas of your brain.  To reconstruct a sentence, the receiver will need all the signatures from all the brain areas involved.  I use a dedicated mental area for this.

2.  Signature shifting.

A signature has three layers: surface, structure, and underlying:

The surface signature is your thoughts.  Its the signal we want to send.

The structure signature shows which brain area made the surface signature.  The receiver uses the structure signature to map each thought to the right brain area.

The underlying signature is the building blocks you use to make all your signatures.  Your brain can only handle thoughts with your underlying signature.  It will reject thoughts with my underlying signature.

So before you can read my thoughts, we need to shift the underlying signature:

The sender pries the underlying signature off his message.  The other layers of the signature reference the underlying signature, so he replaces it with a standard, easy-to-use signature.

The receiver pries off the standard signature.  She has seen it hundreds of times before in other communications, so it’s easier to use than the sender’s unique signature.  She connects her underlying signature into the thoughts, and puts them into her brain.

There are details I’ve left out. How do you pry off the underlying signature? How do you add yours back on? I wish I could explain everything in a post, but a lot of it has to be learned through experience. I’ll post some exercises later.

Communication, with all the frills:
1.  Sender gathers thought signatures from many areas of his brain.
2.  Sender replaces his underlying signature with a standard, neutral one.
3.  Send the message.
4.  Receiver replaces the neutral underlying signature with hers.
5.  Receiver puts the thoughts into her brain.

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