The Evolution of Magick

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Abilities evolve only if they are incrementally useful.

To evolve from blindness to eyesight, seeing a little has to be useful. (It is, for orienting to sunlight while underwater). Same for a little speaking (for instructions while hunting), a little running, a little chewing, and so on.

But magick isn’t very useful until you’re quite good at it. A little energy work doesn’t heal very much, or defend against predators. So how did it evolve?

The same way as calculus.

Cavemen didn’t need the ability to do calculus. That level of abstract reasoning would have been useless.

But every caveman needed to understand hunting plans. That level of abstract reasoning was absolutely vital.

Abilities are distributed unevenly. Some people are better, some are worse. There’s a mean and a bell curve.

If the mean of the curve is the minimal level necessary for survival, then half the population would be unable to function. Basic skills must have a mean higher than necessary in order for everyone to have the basic level. Most of the population will be better than is necessary for survival. If being better at that skill is an advantage, evolution will raise the overall level of that ability.

This is the main evolutionary theory for abstract reasoning powerful enough for calculus. And I think it’s also how magick evolved.

Energy facilitates social interactions. Even in non-mages, it communicates emotions, status, and helps people connect and bond. Think about the energy shared by a loving family, and the bond it makes. Or the energy unconsciously used by some salesmen and politicians to sway people.

Using energy to influence people around you, even a little bit, would have been an evolutionary advantage. Advantages become pervasive, spreading to everyone in the tribe over generations. And once everyone else in your tribe uses energy, you also need to in order to understand the social hierarchy. To social animals, understanding that hierarchy is as vital as hunting. Energy becomes necessary.

And as with any necessary thing, the average ability is much higher. Those with above-average ability could influence people better, just like the politician or salesman. That advantage drives the average even higher, until you get conscious influence of energy and, eventually, magick.

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2 Responses to “The Evolution of Magick”

  1. Rob says:

    Makes one wonder when the ‘situation’ changed where being ‘energetically/magically’ connected to everything sort of went by the wayside as far as use and acceptance.

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Rob, I’ve been thinking about this. It’s probably because you have to be really good at direct magick to produce an effect to the level that drugs, modern medicine, and modern science in general can. So, I’d guess that around the time science and medicine got their act together and started being able to reliably help people, magick fell out of fashion.

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!


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