Using Magick to Improve Magick

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Note: For a more detailed introduction to how your mind does magick, see this series.

You can use magick to improve your ability to do magick.

Direct magick lets you alter your brain and your mental areas, the non-physical structures connected to your brain that drive magick.

Everyone I’ve worked with was born with a lot of inactive mental areas. Each one does a specific task, like connecting to people, working with energy, or activating other mental areas.

I started working with mental areas a few years ago by just looking at them: I’d make a connection to something, then connect to the connection and trace it back into my mind. My mental areas were at the end of the connection, controlling it.

This forced the mental areas that handle looking around my mind to turn on. Turning on new mental areas this way is draining. I would eat four meals and go to sleep at 9PM. A friend eat a steak at 11AM and a second one at 2, every day.

Once it was over, I was able to activate new mental areas and learn new abilities much faster, and without getting tired or risking a cow shortage.

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