Blocking a Magick Attack

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This week’s theme is fighting. Start with Direct Magick Fundamentals: Fighting With Magick.

Waiting until you notice the fatigue and distraction of a spirit draining you is like discovering that your house is on fire by seeing it on the news. It’s too late.

You should notice the initial connections an attacker makes, before they do any damage. That’s your smoke alarm. Here’s how.

Noticing Connections

The connection will be in the spirit’s signature. Or its best impersonation of your signature. But it won’t be quite your signature. So that’s what to look for.

The problem is, you don’t have just one signature. You have a range of signatures, constantly shifting from one to another. It’s easy to mimic a signature that blends into that noise.

Steadying your energy signature is the first step to spotting connections.

Steadying Your Energy

Steadying your energy signature isn’t just for when you think someone is attacking you. It’s something you do all the time. So you notice everyone’s signatures around you, to pick up their emotions. So you can control your energy-based healing. And so you can notice hostile connections.

Steadying your energy is something you learn and practice over a few weeks. Just reading won’t teach you the skill, but the exercises in this article can help you teach yourself.

First, do an energy meditation until it’s easy to build your energy, so you can recognize when you have a lot of energy (during the meditation) and when you don’t (the rest of the time, probably).

Then, do the opposite. Meditate to steady your energy. Not suppress it, but quiet it.

Suppressing (which we don’t want to do) would be imagining the energy inside your body becoming dim and dieing. That’s bad.

Steadying (which we want to do) would be imagining your energy emitting a constant level of light, which extends an inch outside your skin but no further. It’s still there, but controlled, only in the spots you want.

I also call this “Quieting your energy.” Like quieting a humming appliance, it allows you to notice the other, subtler things you missed before.

Once you get good at quieting your energy during meditation, quiet it while doing rote tasks like cooking or driving. Then add more complex tasks like reading, writing, or talking, until you are controlling your energy output all the time.

Grabbing Their Connection

Once your energy is steady, foreign connections become obvious. In the part of your body where the connection enters, you’ll feel the cool tingling of someone staring at you. You’ll notice a change in how much energy you have there, too, along with a change in its signature. And you’ll notice very quickly if an energy drain begins.

You want to control their connection to prevent them from going deeper and to prevent them from withdrawing. If they withdraw, they may come back later when you’re distracted or tired.

Focus on the spot where you feel the connection, but don’t tense your mind or body. Feel around the area with your mind. You’ll notice the connection. Visualize grabbing it. Hold on.

Blocking an Attack

You’ve grabbed their connection. Before tracing back to them, you should prevent them from using it. Otherwise, you’ll have to worry about them damaging you as you hit them back.

Trace the connection toward them. Not all the way to them, not even halfway. Just far enough that it’s outside your space. You will notice a change in the background signature that the connection travels over. It will change from your signature to a less noticeable signature when you get outside your space.

Grab the connection there. Visualize a cap on the connection, preventing the attacker from sending any energy or force past the cap into you. Then, while still holding the connection, trace it the rest of the way to the attacker.


Everything in this article can be countered. That’s just the nature of magick fighting, or any fighting really. All of those counters can be countered, too. I’ll cover some counters in the advanced post this week.

But just because they can be countered doesn’t mean they’re worthless. These techniques are the building blocks for everything else. And they will let you handle a lot more than you could yesterday.

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