Connecting to Systems (Beginning Direct Magick)

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This week’s theme is systems. Start with Direct Magick Fundamentals: Systems.

Consciously Connecting to a System

Mages unconsciously connect to systems all the time for ritual magick, psychic queries, etc. Unconscious connections work great for using the system in an ordinary way.

But the ordinary way is limited. Systems expect users to come in as a novice and gradually build to an adept. Systems deny certain functionality to all users except the ones that made them. In Advanced Direct Magick this week, I’ll explain how to hack a system to get at those functions.

Even without hacking, most systems will teach you how to use them: “What are all the commands you understand” and “Requesting usage instructions.”

The first step is making a conscious connection. That’s the topic of this post.

Systems That Connect To You

Overview: Trigger the system to connect to you, then trace the connection back to the system. We’ll use Enochian and Reiki because the spirits that control those systems are relatively friendly.

First, get an Enochian symbol or a Reiki symbol. Google is your friend here.

Meditate on it. You should feel the system connect to you. It may feel like a spirit’s connection or just a shift in your energy.

We want to use our own connection to the system, not the system’s connection to us. It gives us more control and lets us access systems that aren’t tied to symbols.

To find the system’s connection to you, focus on the point in your body where you feel the connection or shift in energy. I usually feel it in my head. Connect to this point, and look for anything with an unusual signature (that is, a signature that’s not yours).

Trace that unusual signature back to the system (away from you). Some connections change signature between their source and target, making them difficult to trace. But when an easy-to-use system connects to you, it usually uses one signature throughout, making it easy to trace.

Trace to the system. Most systems have protection where the connection meets the system. You’ll know you’ve reached the system when you hit that wall and can’t easily trace further.

Once you’re done, visualize your connection withdrawing from the system and its connection withdrawing from you. As long as you’ve picked a friendly system like Enochian or Reiki, it should disconnect easily.

Systems That Don’t Connect To You

Most psychic systems don’t connect to you. There are no symbols to focus on, so you need to find someone who already uses the system.

First, connect to the person and learn their signature, particularly the magickal signatures in their head. Then, have them do a psychic query (don’t talk about systems, they won’t usually be aware of them). You should notice a shift in the signature in their head. Connect to the source of that shift or the point of maximal shift and trace to the system, just like you did with the system that connected to you.

What’s Next?

Next is learning to use the systems you’ve found. But that’s for another post.

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