Effective Energy Attacks

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This week’s theme is fighting. Start with Direct Magick Fundamentals: Fighting With Magick.

Overwhelming your opponent with energy doesn’t work very well.

But you can still use your experience building and channeling energy to win fights. The key is to force disruptive energy directly into their mind.

The Plan

Mental areas are non-physical structures connected to your brain that drive magick.  They don’t work when their energy signature is too far outside of its normal range.

That’s what disruptive energy does: shifts the energy signature of a magickal structure so far that it stops working.

Connections, mental areas, systems — they’re all structures. Forcing disruptive energy into them will disable them. They’ll start working again once the energy dissipates.

This disruption is the mechanics behind “overloading someone with energy”. Overloading them forces energy into every structure. With so much energy everywhere, any individual structure can’t help but shift signature. Eventually, the structures shut down.

But overloading is slow. Energy absorbed by the body might make your opponent feel lousy, but it won’t stop them from hitting you.  Skilled opponents can resist an overall overload, or just channel the energy themselves. Overloading just isn’t practical.

Instead, force a disruptive energy directly into your opponent’s mental areas. Because the energy is focused, it takes much less effort to shut their mind down. The damage happens quicker and is harder to resist. Because mental areas are the seat of magick, disabling just a few can slow your opponent down and scare them off.

Disruptive Energy Signatures

A disruptive signature is one that clashes with the structure’s normal signature. Think of it as the opposite of healing energy.

Signatures have layers. The surface layer is the current state of the structure: alert vs sleeping, healthy vs injured. The underlying signature is “their” signature. It’s the same for their whole body and mind. And it’s what we want to attack.

Energy healing adjusts the surface signature while matching the underlying signature. An energy attack is the inverse.  It disrupts the underlying signature.

To get started, visualize shaking the person’s mind, or think about the person’s signature and suppressing all the high-energy parts of it. They will do slightly different things, but both will be a decent attack. I’ll do a series on signatures one of these weeks.

The first time you try, it’ll be hard to figure out a disruptive signature. After trying 10 times, it will become easy. So practice on yourself first.

Look at your energy signature. Think of one that would interfere with it. Build that energy and put it in your head. If you do it right, it will be uncomfortable and hard to focus.  But it won’t hurt you long-term.  I did it just now to verify the exercise works, so you can do it to learn the skill.

To recover, stop producing the disruptive energy, and flush the area with energy in your normal signature.

Once you get this down, practice with other people. If you train with friends, practice on each other. If not, connect to random people on the street and figure out what signature to use, but don’t hit them with it.  It won’t affect non-mages that much, anyway.

Forcing Energy Into Their Mind

Winning fights is about being fast. Fast in defending their attack. Fast in tracing to your opponent.  And fast in disabling them.

Flooding your opponent’s body with disruptive energy is slow. The body can absorb a lot of energy and keep on fighting. Shielding can deflect a lot of energy too.

But once your energy disrupts their mind, they can’t do magick anymore.  Fight’s over.


Energy effects dissipate naturally. Your opponent should be capable of doing magick after a few minutes, and be completely recovered in a few hours. Don’t feel guilty about attacking to defending yourself.

During those few minutes they can’t do magick, remove their connections. Find the connections, and visualize grabbing them and pulling them out of your body and mind. This, combined with the unpleasant experience they just had fighting you, should keep them from bothering you again.

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