Improve Your Magick By Understanding Your Tools

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Mages use many tools:

  • Energy healers channel energy from The Universe.
  • Psychics listen to The Universe.
  • Ritual mages use tools like the Tree of Life.

They are all systems, given impressive names by the mages who use them. Same for most things mages tap into, channel, or use to perform magick.

This post shows how to use systems better by understanding how they work and recognizing what type of system you’re using.

Systems Are Intelligent, But Not Sentient

Think of systems as magickal computers. They can apply complex logic, do precise magick, and act fairly intelligently. They’re useful tools.

But they primarily respond to user instructions. They’re not sentient, like people or spirits.

Improve Your Magick By Understanding Systems

Most magick relies on systems. Understanding how they work lets you use them better.

Energy healers will benefit from knowing that most systems only require you to connect them to the healee once. They will maintain their own connection for the rest of the healing technique, and can do most tasks without your involvement.

Ritual mages will benefit from knowing that systems change your mind’s energy signature to make you better at using the system. Practicing vastly different systems at the same time can interfere with this process.

Psychics will benefit from knowing that each system specializes in particular types of information. The system that warns you of physical danger is probably not the best for finding you a new job. You’ll get the best results by working with many different psychic systems.

You’ll find more tips like these in the rest of this series.

Types of Systems

You’ll get better results if you communicate precisely with systems.

Knowing which types of system you’re working with will help you communicate with it.

Easy-To-Use Systems

Some systems handle all communication for you. They read and write thoughts from/to your brain. If a system “just works,” it’s probably this type.

Most of these systems can communicate more precisely with a particular part of your brain. Let them control their own connection into your brain.

Some of these systems can communicate more precisely if you move your thoughts from your brain into magickal structures. See the Mastering Communication series for details (coming fall 2010).

This series will focus on easy-to-use systems.

Common Problems with Easy-To-Use Systems

Easy-to-use systems have 2 common errors:

1. Incomplete information. Often, only part of the message will enter your thoughts, and you will unconsciously fill in the rest, leading to vague statements and images. Recognizing which parts of the message you received and which you filled in will help you know what information to rely on.

2. Reading too much information. Easy-to-use systems sometimes cannot distinguish between your instructions, your worries and your expectations. They simply pick up any thoughts in your head. Recognizing when you connect and disconnect to/from the system will help you know when you need to focus on just your instructions.

The best solution to both these problems is improving communication. Look for the Mastering Communication series in fall 2010. You can prepare for it by practicing The 3 Steps to Controlling Magick Consciously.

Fundamental Systems

When you connect to someone by looking at their picture, that’s a fundamental system. It handles magick behind the scenes, accepting commands so natural and simple you don’t even notice it.

You don’t need to worry about these until you can consciously control exactly what you communicate. But once you do, most fundamental systems have useful commands. For example, the system that makes connections when you look at a photo has a command to prevent anyone from connecting to you that way.

Advanced Systems

Some systems require the kind of advanced communication that spirits typically do. They usually reward a user by letting him control what they do more than easy-to-use systems do.

Advanced systems let you create other systems, organize a group of spirits, and request detailed information about events that easy-to-use systems can’t supply. Once you create a system, you can bind it to an object, so someone else can use it by touching the object.

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  1. Patrick says:

    See the Mastering Communication series for details (coming fall 2010).

    Could you put a link to this on this page?

    • I’m afraid I never got around to it. This was in my first year blogging, when I had grand goals like mastering communication in a handful of blog posts. I’ve realized these things are better suited to books, but they’re definitely in the works.

      Until then, here are all my posts on communication. Good exercises in there.

      And thanks for exploring my older posts! It’s fun to revisit them with new readers.

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