Recognizing Systems to Improve Psychic

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This week’s theme is systems. Start with Direct Magick Fundamentals: Systems.

Psychics handle many different types of information, often received in many different ways.

To know what to order at a restaurant, you might drag a finger over the menu, getting an intuition when you near a dish you would enjoy.

To avoid traffic while driving, you might request to arrive on time when you first get in your car, then listen to intuitions about which lane to use and where to turn.

Many psychics get automatically warned about immediate danger, with steps to take to keep safe. Unlike most intuitions, these warnings are often loud enough to grab your attention.

Each interaction is different because it’s with a different system. Using the the “immediate danger” system the same way you use the “restaurant menu” system won’t work well.

By recognizing when you’re working with each system, you can learn how each system behaves, how it wants to be used, and how to get the best results. It will be different for each system.

The first step is separating out your systems.

Psychic systems seem to vary in a few ways. A system would select one item from each of these options:


Does the system wait for you to request information, or does it automatically supply what it thinks is important?


How obvious is the reply? Do you have to be looking for it, or will it grab your attention?


Are the events in the next few minutes, days, or years? Systems tend to specialize in one timeframe.


What kind of information is it? A system that handles driving directions usually doesn’t give out investment advice.


How bad is it if you ignore the information? Systems that handle urgent information tend to automatically tell you about it in an obvious, attention-grabbing way.

Finding Your Systems

Each of your systems will select one item from each of those options.

If you sometimes get unrequested, urgent information in an obvious way about events 30 seconds in the future, and sometimes request information about what to cook for dinner and pick up subtle intuitions, those are two different systems.

The best way to master both of them is to learn each one separately.

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3 Responses to “Recognizing Systems to Improve Psychic”

  1. Lisa says:

    You’ve helped me to analyze how I was getting my psychic info. I was getting most of my psychic feed via the most primitive parts of my brain: the limbic and temporal portions. Now that I am forming more conscious requests and placing them into the pre-frontal cortex and consciously eliminating the emotional overtones, I get more detailed info from the systems I use. Thanks for your guidance.

  2. Lisa says:

    I’m a nursing student and I am learning how to work with different psychic systems. I’ve been doing your exercises to improve my control of connections. The exercises are working! This morning, as the floor nurse I was working with was pulling medications out of the drawer, I received an audible message from a psychic system that said, ” the morphine dose is too much.” The nurse handed me the vial and at the same time the vial touched the palm of my hand, I received an additional message keyed to my touch. This message was coded for my unconscious mind. The message prompted me to examine the vial and read the label. I’ve gotten messages like this before, but this is the first time that I could feel the delivery of a message prior to the time it was translated, feel it be decoded and know to wait for the delivery. It was really cool to feel the delivery of the message and know that an important piece of information was arriving for me. (The delivery and translation piece took milliseconds) I’ve learned by rote, that if I receive a physical psychic “urge” I should respond to the cue. I am receiving significantly more information now via psychic communication , than I received prior to doing the training exercises. Thanks again for your posts.
    I’m really interested in healing and I would like to see another post on sensory connections, how to know if I am making them right and how to use them effectively.


  3. Mike says:

    I’m so glad this site is helpful, Lisa. Thanks for taking the time to write.

    Recognizing when your mind receives messages is an important step toward consciously controlling your communication with the system. Next time it happens at a time when you can focus, try to see the signature of the message. It will be close to your brain’s signature, but not an exact match. If you can adjust the message’s signature to the signature of your brain, you will be able to read it more clearly and accurately. I’ll do a series on communicating with systems eventually.



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