Bypassing Magickal Shields (Advanced Direct Magick)

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This week’s theme is fighting. Start with Direct Magick Fundamentals: Fighting With Magick.

Bypassing Shielding

In magick fighting, everything has a counter.  The mage with the better understanding of how magick works, and the greater experience to apply that understanding, will usually win.

Today: How to bypass shielding.  Shielding from a wall visualization, or the shielding from earlier this week.

To bypass shielding, use smaller connections.

Scales of Connections

Connections come in different scales.

Not different sizes. Different scales.

People come in different sizes. Some people are big, some are small, but they’re all people.

Rope comes in different scales. Heavy rope is made by braiding normal rope, which is made by binding twine, which is made by twisting thread…

Wire has different scales too. Co-axial cable is made of insulated wires, which are made by twisting bare wires together…

Large magickal connections are made of smaller connections, which are made of smaller connections, which are made of…

I used co-ax cable for visualizations.  It carries current, like connections carry energy. Unlike real co-ax, I visualized every wire as made of multiple insulated wires, all the way down.

Rope has specific words for several scales, so I’ll use the rope analogy for this post.

Scales of Signatures

Signatures also have scale.  A large-scale signature is made of smaller-scale signatures.  If we’re using a rope-scale signature, then twine-scale signatures are the aspects of the larger signature.

A rope-scale connection has a rope-scale signature.  The twine-scale connections that make it up have twine-scale signatures. They add up to the rope-scale connection’s signature.

Blocking Connections

Filling a connection with awareness happens at a certain scale.

Say you work at the “rope” scale. There’s one scale larger (heavy rope) and several scales smaller (twine, thread, etc).

You fill a rope-scale connection with awareness.  This fills most of the twine-scale connections that make it up. Most, but not all.

Anyone using a rope-scale connection would use some of the same twine-scale connections, making them obvious to you.

But there are holes at the twine-scale.

Sneaking In

Sneak in by making a twine-scale connection with the same signature as one of their open twine-scale connections.

Make a bunch of lightweight* twine-scale or thread-scale connections. Eventually you will want to handle many small connections at once, but at first it’s fine to focus on one at a time. If you can decompose the large-scale connection’s signature into its aspects, make your small-scale connections each have one of those aspects, so your connections align to the small connections you will be entering.

*Lightweight connections don’t push. They look around but don’t change things. Keep the connection soft, so it can adjust to the signature of whatever it touches, and don’t put any energy through it.

Look at the rope-scale connection with these smaller-scale connections. At the rope-scale you see a wall, but at the smaller scale you’ll see some openings. Each connection will see openings that allow its signature. Enter the opening like you would trace any connection.

Assembling a Signature

You have some twine-scale connections into your opponent, but you normally userope-scale connections, not twine-scale ones. You’ll want to assemble a rope-scale connection once you’re past their shield.

Snake several twine-scale connections into them. Bring them together on the other side, and think about joining them, braiding them, fusing them, or whatever makes sense to you. You’ll get a rope-scale connection.

The signature of the rope-scale connection is the sum of the signatures of the twine-scale connections. Those signatures are determined by the holes your opponent left in their shield. So your rope-scale connection might not have a signature you’re used to.

To get better control of the resulting signature, sneak in more twine-scale connections.  Or sneak in thread-scale connections, build twine-scale connections similar to what you’re used to, and use them to build a rope-scale connection.

Bringing Down the Shield

Once you’re in, find the part of their mind that maintains their shield. Fill its connections with your awareness. Resist their attempts to use those connections. This will stop that part of their mind from functioning, bringing down their shield.

What About Walls?

Visualizations tell you to imagine an “impenetrable wall.” How can you bypass such a thing?

Sorry, just because imagine something as impenatrable doesn’t mean it is. Visualizations tell your unconscious what magick to do, but that magick works the same as all other magick.  Small-scale connections can still sneak in.

Defending Yourself

If you use a rope-scale shield, twine-scale connections can get to you.

If you use a thread-scale shield, twine-scale connections won’t get anywhere.

Whatever scale they attack with, shield with one scale smaller.  Whatever scale they shield with, attack with 1-2 scales smaller.

Types of Connections

There are many types of connections: connections to systems, physical connections, mental connections, energy-layer connections, etc. Each has a different basic signature at the thread scale.

If you use a type your opponent doesn’t know about, they won’t have any awareness protecting those connections. You can easily enter with a rope-scale connection.  On offense, try all the types of connections you can, and see what gets in most easily.

On defense, fill all the types of connections you use with awareness, so you’re prepared for that type of attack.

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8 Responses to “Bypassing Magickal Shields (Advanced Direct Magick)”

  1. Lisa says:

    What is the best way for me to respond when someone has bypassed my shields? How can I speed up my reaction time?

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Lisa,

    When someone bypasses your shields, you first want to put mental weight into the magickal structures they’re connecting to. This will slow them down and prevent them from damaging you. More at

    Then trace the connection away from you, partway to the attacker. Disrupt the attack by filling it with disruptive energy, or by forcing your awareness into their connection to claim it for yourself. More on disruptive energy at

    For me, the slowest part of this process is finding the connection. I speed up my reaction time by using keeping a relaxed awareness in all my magickal structures, which makes it easier to notice connections. More at

    More broadly, to speed yourself up, see which step is the most difficult for you, and improve that. If you write back and tell me which parts are giving you trouble, I’ll try to help you speed them up.



  3. Ricardo says:

    All right i was also wondering, can parasite spirits attack you anytime?

  4. Mike says:

    Hi Ricardo, is something happening to make you worried about parasitic spirits? I’d like to help, I just need to know a little more about your situation. Thanks -Mike

  5. Ricardo says:

    I am just starting to energy meditate to find my “mental muscle” ( idr if that is what it is called) but i have reads tons of your posts and you said that if you ground you are more likely to be seen by a spirit parasite, if i do it at home can i still have that happen?

  6. Mike says:

    Hi Ricardo, good question. I think you’re talking about this post

    If you’re just starting with magick, focus on learning to control your energy, both so you can do useful things with it and so you can avoid making lots of energy when you don’t want to. If you avoid making energy when you’re in crowds, you’ll keep most parasitic spirits from noticing you.

    Same idea with grounding. Do it at home, avoid doing it in crowds. As a beginner, you’ll mostly get parasitic spirits when you get near people who have one already. So just look normal (in terms of energy) when you’re in crowds. Don’t make energy and don’t ground. But doing that at home, alone in the woods, etc should be fine.

    Once you’re comfortable controlling energy, learn to control your connections. In particular, learn to recognize and close connections. Open connections make you more obvious to all spirits, so closing them will help keep you from being bothered.

    Also, don’t worry too much about parasitic spirits. They tend to only be interested in people at around their same power, so as a beginner, only the weak ones will be interested in you. They’ll just make you a little tired. Nothing too serious.

    As you get better, you’ll learn to shield yourself better and hit back. You don’t have to defeat a parasitic spirit, just put up enough of a fight that it decides there are easier meals out there. If you follow my posts, you’ll learn fighting plenty early to be ready for these guys.

    I write about fighting because so many energy workers don’t. If you become very skilled at energy work but never learn shielding, you can attract spirits that drain you so much that you’re constantly exhausted despite sleeping 10 hours a night. But that’s easy to avoid: Just learn shielding along with everything else.

    Did I answer your question?

  7. Ricardo says:

    Indeed it does, i am pretty young i’d say lol, but i really want to master this very interesting, yet complicated skill, i know it will take years but it is so fascinating, also, do you recommend any books? And another thing, right now i was just doing a little bit of energy meditation (using your steps) and at one point a felt a very small tingle on my palm, and at the end my hands were sweaty (they rarely get like that) but my question is that could that tingle be energy? Thank you for being patient and answering my questions :D

  8. Mike says:

    Glad you’re so excited to learn magick. I started this blog largely because I wasn’t happy with other resources on how to do magick. Most other places, you’ll get rituals or visualizations for working with energy, and there’s just so much more you can do with magick.

    I’d recommend you follow the exercises for learning to make your own visualizations, starting with the energy meditation you’re doing. Also, I’m working on a free eBook to walk you through learning magick, and hope to have the first part out in the next few weeks.

    The tingle could very well be energy. It sounds like energy, but it’s hard to tell when you first start making it. My rule for myself is wait until I’m sure before calling something a success. It sometimes means I have to wait longer and practice more before I count a win, but it keeps me from going too fast and skipping a step that I thought I’d learned but really hadn’t.

    The way you really know is if it’s (1) consistent, that every time you do the energy visualization you get the same tingle, and (2) if it moves depending on where you visualize the energy forming. That’s harder than just sometimes making energy, so it will take longer to learn. But once you do, you’ll know for sure that you’re doing it right.

    So, definitely be excited about the tingle, but keep going with the energy meditation until you can do it consistently and control where the energy (and the tingle) form in your body.

    Thanks for reading and getting involved. Keep asking questions as you learn more.

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