Connections: The Basis of Magick

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Magick is fundamentally about connections. They let magickal structures influence physical objects. They carry energy to heal a person. Connections make magick work.

Direct magick begins with the conscious control of connections. It never really stops being about connections.  Improving my connections improves everything else I do.  It’s become one of my focuses when practicing magick technique.


Connections have several signatures.

The surface signature comes from the connection’s moment-to-moment activity. Carrying a particular energy, powering a particular structure, etc.

The underlying signature determines the type of connection. Connections to physical objects have a different underlying signature than connections to magickal structures like systems. A connection that ties a magickal system to a physical object will shift its underlying signature.

The fundamental signature is the building blocks that make up both the underlying signature and the surface signature. Fundamental signatures are unique, like fingerprints. Once you’ve worked with someone, you can recognize their magick by the fundamental signature.

Better connections have:

  • A surface signature more closely matched to the signatures the connection will carry
  • A smoother transition from one underlying signature to another
  • A better match of the target’s fundamental signature, and a smoother transition from your fundamental signature to theirs

Connections as Rope*

Connections come in different scales.

Not different sizes. Different scales.

People come in different sizes. Some people are big, some are small, but they’re all people.

Rope comes in different scales. Heavy rope is made by braiding normal rope, which is made by binding twine, which is made by twisting thread…

Wire has different scales too. Co-axial cable is made of insulated wires, which are made by twisting bare wires together…

Large magickal connections are made of smaller connections, which are made of smaller connections, which are made of…

I used co-ax cable for visualizations.  It carries current, like connections carry energy. Unlike real co-ax, I visualized every wire as made of multiple insulated wires, all the way down.

*Yes, I plagarized myself.  This comes from advanced direct magick: fighting.


Connections to physical objects go through physical space. They can be interrupted, and are hard to maintain over long distances.

Connections to magickal structures go through a different space. Physical distance doesn’t really matter.

To connect to a physical object over great distances, use a connection to the object’s energy layer (a magickal structure), then shift the connection’s underlying signature as you go from the energy layer to the physical object.

A connection to a physical object is called a “physical connection.”  A connection to a magickal structure is called a “magickal connection.”  Sometimes I use “magickal” to make it clear I’m talking about magick, rather than threads or rivets.  If I say “a magickal connection to a physical object”, I mean a physical connection.

Quiet Connections

At first, you will make connections by sending energy to a target. Your first goal will be to make a connection reliable enough that people notice it.

As you improve, you will aim to make your connections less noticeable. Quieter. More precise.

Quieter connections more closely match the signatures of whatever you’re connecting to.

Quieter connections let smaller-scale threads move freely, so each thread can adjust to the target’s signature independently.

Quieter connections don’t carry energy.  By not forcing energy along the connection, it won’t alter the target as you look around.


The posts this week will have exercises to learn to use connections better. See all posts tagged Connections.

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5 Responses to “Connections: The Basis of Magick”

  1. Lisa says:

    I am looking forward to the exercises.


  2. Kol Drake says:

    Me too.
    Great stuff…
    Now…….. to see if I have ‘made connections’ and even realized (or sensed) them. If only it was like a toothache… you KNOW when you have one of those. :p

  3. Mike says:

    Thanks for reading, guys. I’ll be sure to give you some ways to recognize connections and know when you’ve made them.

  4. Ricardo says:

    I am actually really afraid of trying magick, can you guys please help me? I heard this one guy that posted on a forum that he used to try “weird magick” And once he was thirsty in line and there was this Large lady infornt of him and he thought of taking water off her and he said he felt his saliva glands producing more saliva, but then out of nowhere he said the lady took a step back and look at him and said “Oh boy, you have a demon on your shoulders” and idk and another thing that is sort of scaring me are spirit parasites D: pleasee help me, this is really interesting and i am VERY interested, i just need a bit of guidance.

  5. Mike says:

    Hi Ricardo, thanks for writing. Glad you’re interested in magick.

    I’ll cover parasitic spirits on your other comment here, but I want to write back on this one and tell you not to take stories on forums too seriously. They tend to get embellished, especially online when there’s no demeanor to go with the words.

    On parasitic spirits, you will learn to handle them. They’re mostly just a nuisance. As long as you know how to close connections and shield yourself, they shouldn’t bother you much. And if they do bother you, they usually just make you tired, like if you had a cold. Nothing too serious.

    I’d like to hear about your the experiences that are worrying you. Let’s do that on the other comment you made, since that’s on a post about shielding.

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