Fighting for Ritual Mages

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This week’s theme is fighting. Start with Direct Magick Fundamentals: Fighting With Magick.

Most ritual mages have rituals to banish spirits and prevent attacks.  Here are some tips to make ritual-based fighting more effective.

Use a Serious Ritual Style

“Serious” is hard to define, but you’ll know it when you see it.  Golden Dawn is a serious ritual system.  Gardnerian Wicca, too.  And Kabbalah, Enochian, Voodoo, …

A candle, a ribbon and a poem is not a serious ritual.  It can focus your intent for simple magick like moving energy in the body.  But intent alone isn’t effective for protection. You either need direct magick techniques, or the external forces (“systems“) that come with a serious ritual style.


Speed wins fights.  A direct magick attack hits much faster than a ritual.

Against a spirit draining your energy, you can tough it out and get through the ritual.  But against someone who alters your mind’s energy to bind your magickal abilities, you need to prevent their attack in real time.

Some options (feel free to pick several):

  1. Learn to notice and resist attacks with direct magick, to give you time to respond.
  2. Make a quick ritual, using the ritual elements of your style, but in a shortened form.
  3. Use the ritual system directly.  See this post for details.

#1 is what this week is about.

In #2, you learn to put as much focus into the shortened ritual as the long one. As you get better with shortened rituals, you can learn to visualize the ritual instead of doing it (option #3) so you can use magick in public and when you’re away from your ritual supplies. The point is the same: Use the ritual forces quickly enough to be viable in a serious fight.

I want to be clear: Don’t do a “tie a ribbon around a candle” ritual.  But once you’re initiated and experienced in a ritual style, you can use the magickal system without a full ritual.  That’s the serious mage’s do it yourself rituals, and it’s a good stepping stone to direct magick.

Limits of the System

The systems behind ritual magick weren’t designed to do every bit of magick you might ever want to do. At that point, you need to do magick directly.

It might be an attacker that can bypass the wall-like shield your banishing ritual creates.  It might be someone that hacks your system and denies you access.  Particularly for fighting, where someone is opposing you, you will hit the limits of the system. But at some point, you will need to do something your system can’t handle.

That’s why this site is here. I’ve been doing magick directly for about 20 years. It doesn’t hit a ceiling the way styles that channel outside forces do.  Ultimately, you will want direct magick for protection. Maybe for everything else, too.

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    Hi There,
    l like your insight into magic and am wondering if you are still about given most of your posts are from 6 years ago. Thanks for what youve posted to date.

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    • Thanks! I’m still posting every week, 6 years later. In the top nav bar, it used to be called “Blogs,” but your comment inspired me to change it to “New Posts.” Enjoy!

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