Are You Learning Psychic As Fast As Possible?

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Enough theory. Time for a concrete example.

My girlfriend is improving her psychic skills using mental activation exercises.

She wants to get psychic information consciously as words, rather than impressions and images that drift into her conscious mind. She also wants to be able to ask follow-up questions like “why?”

Here’s her learning plan, adapted for someone who doesn’t have me to assist with each step.

Pick Your System

Psychic information comes from systems. Always.

Systems are non-physical, magickal structures that handle complex magickal tasks for you. Psychic systems figure out what will happen and feed relevant information to you.

You’ll need a system that can communicate with your conscious mind. If yours can’t, think about wanting a system that can while you reach out with a psychic query. You should get connected to the system you need.

For this project, I asked a spirit group I work with to recommend a system. They put me in touch with an expert on psychic systems, who recommended one that looks good.

Connecting to Your Brain

Mental areas drive specific magickal tasks.

To change how you communicate, you’ll need to work with your brain. Specifically the conscious part.

Before you can make any changes, you’ll need to practice looking around. This will activate the mental area that lets you view your brain, the first area of the mental application for working with your brain.

To find your brain, place your hand on your forehead or temple and connect to your head. Pause to notice the signature of the tissue you’re connected to (probably your skin and skull). Move in a bit, pausing periodically. When you reach your brain, the signature will change dramatically. You’ll know when you’ve found it.

Don’t try to change anything yet. Just practice looking around your brain.

Finding Your Conscious Mind

You must find the conscious part of your brain. The part the system wants to connect to. Then you can learn to communicate consciously.

Ask the system to show you where it wants to connect. Just focus on that intent, the same way you would focus on anything else you wanted to know. The system will handle the rest.

The system will give you a system-type connection to your brain. Connections have different types, and you’ll need a physical-type connection for the next step. Transitioning a single connection from system-type to physical-type is difficult.

Instead, make the system-type connection to your brain easy to find by putting a little extra energy on it. Then connect to your brain normally (with a physical-type connection) and look around until you find the energy from the system-type connection.

Practice this until it becomes easy, then practice finding the conscious area of the brain without the obvious energy. To test yourself, connect to what you think is the conscious part, then make the extra energy to make it obvious if you’re right.

Thinking with the Correct Brain Areas

Closing in on the point of this exercise, you’re ready to learn to think with the brain area the system will use to communicate with you (the “target brain area”).

Normally, you think with a large chunk of your brain. Lots of brain areas. Each one gets a different signature with each thought that enters your mind.

The system wants to grab all those signatures from the target brain area. You need to move them there.

Connect to the target brain area like in the previous step. Think a simple sentence, one concept* at a time, and focus on moving each concept to the target brain area. Your mind should know what to do.

*One concept might be one word, like “runs,” or a few words, like “the red house.”

This exercise will activate the mental areas that handle moving thoughts around. Your brain will also grow new thought pathways as you make thoughts flow to the target brain area. It will be tiring at first.

In a few days it should become easy. That’s when you’re ready for the last step.

Conscious Psychic Communication

Now that your mental areas and brain are prepared, communicating with your conscious mind should be easy.

Tell the psychic system to start communicating with your conscious mind instead of your unconscious. Just connect to it with that intent. It will know how. It may have already noticed that your conscious mind was capable of communicating and started using it.

Try asking specific questions and reading details you receive. Try follow-up questions to the information you get. Conscious communication should allow you to push your psychic queries further than you have before.

The Pattern

Even if you don’t do psychic, the pattern for learning a new skill will still be useful:

  1. Practice looking around the general area until it becomes easy
  2. Practice finding the specific point you’ll work on until it becomes easy
  3. Practice each step of the task until it becomes easy
  4. Once each step is easy, try the whole task
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