How Your Mind Does Magick

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This series shows you how to prepare your mind to drive magick.

Most mages let external structures drive magick for them. They use visualization or ritual to send their intent to The Universe, or a ritual element, or some other name they assign their specific system. The system handles the rest.

Your mind can drive magick. You don’t need a system. But the parts of your mind that drive magick need exercise or they atrophy. In most mages, they’re inactive.

This series shows you how to activate them.

Note: This is part of Step 3 of learning to control magick consciously. Do Step 1 and Step 2 first.

Putting Thought Into Action

Most thoughts do not become action.

Imagining moving your arm doesn’t engage the motor cortex of your brain. Actually moving your arm does. Arm movement is immediately caused by muscles tensing. But it’s also caused by engaging the right parts of your brain.

Your Mental Muscles

Magick is driven by non-physical, magickal structures connected to your brain called mental areas. They have the role of your motor cortex (turning an intent into specific commands) plus your muscles (executing those commands in the physical world).

You have dozens of mental areas, each one dedicated to a specific task (one for physical effects, another for communicating with systems, a third for handling connections, etc).

Unlike systems (which are shared by all users), your mental areas belong to you.

As you practice magick, more mental areas will come online and connect to your brain.

Note: In later writing, I use the term “mental muscles” instead of “mental areas.” They are synonyms.

Doing Magick Consciously

Doing magick consciously lets you learn new skills faster and understand magick better.

When most mages start, their mental areas are connected to unconscious parts of their brain. That’s why you use ritual and visualization to communicate intent to your unconscious: that’s the path to your mental areas.

Start thinking about what your unconscious is doing as you do magick. This will trigger your mental areas will make new connections to your conscious mind. You can also develop consciousness in some unconscious brain areas, similar to how biofeedback can give you conscious control of your heartbeat.

Simply trying to become conscious of how you’re doing magick begins the process.


In this series, I sometimes use my old term, “Mental Areas,” instead of my current term, “Mental Muscles.” They are synonyms.

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