Influencing Emotions with Magick

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So far we’ve learned to make quiet connections and used those connections to see the energy signature of friends’ emotions. Both of those were accessible to beginners when I taught the workshop at the Occult Bookstore in Chicago.

Today: Setting your own emotional state. It’s intermediate magick. You have to be able to make energy with a specific signature, which takes some practice. If the other exercises were challenging, treat this as a peek into what’s coming as you improve.

The Effect

Take the energy signature of an emotion you’ve seen. Build that energy in your body. Send it to your head. This will move your emotional state toward that emotion.

If you’re relaxed, it will set you into that emotion. It’s harder if you’re already in a conflicting emotional state. If you’re angry, it will take more energy, with a clearer signature, to shift yourself to being happy. But it just takes practice.

Knowing Your Friends

I like using this to get to know friends better. Everyone has a different experience of each emotion. Your friend’s experience of sad is different than yours*. If you set your head to your friend’s emotional signature, you’ll experience their version of the emotion.

*For example, some people experience sad as numb, others experience it as pain.

Influencing Others

Sending energy with an emotional signature into someone else’s head will influence their emotions. This is best used to improve a conversation that’s already guiding them toward that emotion, rather than to set a new emotional state out of the blue.

You can use this for good. Calm down a friend who’s having a bad day. Excite someone who’s getting depressed.

Sure, influencing people could be used for selfish purposes. But that just means you should be careful what you do. Not that you shouldn’t learn it.

Learning to Use Energy Signatures

If you don’t know how to produce energy in a particular signature, how do you learn it? I don’t know. I learned it years ago, very slowly, with no real plan. Same for most mages I know. So I don’t have a clear answer.

Doing the exercises in the previous posts will help. And I’ll be writing a series about how to start learning direct magick soon.

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