Instant Magick

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There are two main ways of doing magick:

  1. Influence events to produce a future event
  2. Change reality directly, instantly

Your ritual to help you land a job influences the decisions of other people (and your decisions, too). Through coincidences and luck, it makes the event more likely.

Direct mages call that manifesting. It’s a useful skill.

Most of the time, though, we change reality directly.

Directly Changing Reality

Direct magick is just that.  Direct.

For energy healing, I look at the energy signatures* of their injured tissue, identify the important differences between that and the energy signature of healthy tissue, and adjust the energy they produce and the paths that deliver that energy to their cells.

The details aren’t important*. The point is:

Direct magick works by changing magickal structures and energies.

*Well, the details are important if you want effective energy healing. But not for the discussion at hand.

Also, direct magick is done consciously. When I do energy healing, I’m not picturing a white light or focusing on runes. I’m thinking about changing the connections and energies in the person’s body.

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