Learn Magick Faster by Practicing Smarter

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Athletes don’t just practice their technique. They also life weights and do endurance training. Focused practice leads to greater ability.

Same in magick. Your mind needs to strengthen its mental areas before you can learn a skill. Focused practice can help you learn new skills faster.

Learning a New Skill

Say you want to learn energy healing, but you haven’t worked with the human body before. The domain is the physical body, and the task is altering energy in injured tissue.

Here’s how to learn any new skill (not just energy healing):

  1. Strengthen mental areas for looking at the domain
  2. Strengthen mental areas for altering the domain
  3. Practice the task

Why Strengthen Mental Areas First

Because the skill won’t work without them.

Mental areas drive magick effects. They are the motor cortex (deciding exactly what to move) and the muscle (moving external reality) when you do magick.

Most mental areas are inactive. Either they were never active, or they’ve gone dormant from disuse. Either way, you need to activate them.

Each mental area has a specific task, like viewing a certain domain of magickal structure, altering that domain’s energy signatures, etc. You need to set up the mental areas for each domain separately.

Practicing the task (energy healing, for example) will set up the mental areas for that domain. But focused practice can set them up faster and easier.

How To Strengthen Mental Areas


But focused practice. One mental area at a time.

First, use the mental area for looking at the domain (the energy layer of the human body, for example). This lets you find the specific spot to work on (injured tissue, for example). Just practice looking around.

Then practice looking at that specific domain (injured tissue, for example). Sometimes this will activate another mental area, sometimes it will just strengthen the one you already activated.

Then, practice each change you’ll need to make, one at a time. For example, with energy healing, you would need to change the energy signature in the area, and change the energy paths so they deliver the energy to the tissue better. Each is handled by a different mental area, so practice each individually.

Once all the mental areas are active, and you’ve used each one a few times, then try doing the whole procedure (for example, energy healing). You’ll find it much easier than before you did the focused practice.

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