Learn Magick Faster with Direct Mental Activation (Advanced Direct Magick)

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Learning a new skill has two phases:

  1. Activate the mental muscles
  2. Learn the skill

Mental muscles drive magick.  Each mental area does a specific task.  Without the right mental muscles set up, you can’t begin learning the new skill.

Focused practice activates mental muscles.  Slowly.

This post is about how to use magick to activate mental muscles quickly so you can skip that slow practice-based activation and jump into learning the skill.

The Plan

  1. Find the mental muscles you’ll need for a skill
  2. Force energy through the muscles to activate them
  3. Connect core power to the new mental muscles
  4. Connect the new mental muscles to your brain

I’ll cover finding and activating the muscles today, and the rest in future posts.

Finding the Mental Muscles

To begin working with your mental muscles, trace a connection back to the mental area that made it.

Make a connection by looking at something.  Picture the connection going out your forehead (third eye chakra).  Hold the connection steady, make another connection to that connection, and trace the first connection back to your mind.  You’ll find the mental area that handles those connections.

Practice looking around your mental muscles until it becomes comfortable.  This will activate the mental muscles you’ll use for working with your mental muscles.  Use the focused practice technique you’ve been using.

Once looking around becomes easy, watch your mental muscles as you try a new skill.  Look for ones that you’re turning on.  Your mind is a big place, so it may take a few tries to find the new muscles.  But once you do, you know what you need to activate.

Direct Activation

Run energy through the mental muscles you’re activating, like you would run energy through an injury to heal it.

Use your own energy.  It has your underlying signature.  Just do an energy meditation.  Don’t use an external system’s energy, like Reiki, since they have a different signature.

Mental muscles take a lot less energy than physical tissue.  Overloading your mental muscles could damage them.  Start with a little energy and gradually increase it.  If you get a headache, back off. As long as it was just a little overload, the headache should dissipate in seconds.

Once the area starts activating, it will start drawing energy from your mind and connecting to your other mental muscles.  You’ll feel a drain on your mental power, like a powerful spirit’s energy drain, focused on the new area.  This is your signal to stop pushing energy through the area.

It usually takes a minute or two before the area starts activating.  Continuing to push energy through the area while it activates will tire you out and slow the process down, but it won’t cause any damage.  Energizing the area a little too long is better than doing it a little too short.

Next Steps

That was how to activate the mental area.  The next 2 posts will cover connecting your new area to its core power and to your brain.

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