Understanding Reality Better

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The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility -Einstein

Direct magick is about understanding how magick interacts with the physical world.

Most magick isn’t.

Rituals, correspondences, and visualizations communicate your intent to your unconscious. Mastering them teaches you the language your unconscious mind understands, not the way reality works.

You unconscious doesn’t understand how the physical world works, either. Most magick uses systems, magickal structures that connect to your mind, read your intent, and (if you’re initiated) change reality. The system does the hard work.

Systems are like computers. You don’t need to understand TCP/IP or HTML to surf the web. Your computer does the hard part for you. Same with systems.

Magick Without Systems

Systems are external to your mind. But your mind contains magickal structures that can alter the physical world, too. These mental areas develop as you practice magick.

Moving the workhorse of magick inside your mind lets you understand magick and reality better.

Understanding reality better lets you do better magick effects. Particularly once you control the workhorse of magick.

Doing the magick yourself is the essence of direct magick.

Energy Healing With a System

Meditate on your healing style’s symbols to connect to the system. Visualize white light from the sky entering the point of injury. The system will read the instruction to send healing energy to the person and figure out the details.

ENergy Healing Directly

Make a lightweight connection to the injured tissue. Look at the energy signature of the injured tissue, and compare it to the signature of healthy tissue. Change the person’s energy-producing structures to make energy that will restore the tissue to the correct signature. Depending on your method, you might add some steps to deliver the energy to the right spot in the tissue, or to stabilize their energy production.

Yes, it’s more complicated. Yes, it takes longer to learn. Mea cupla.

But it lets you understand reality. It lets you grow as a mage beyond what the system can handle.

Getting “hands-on” with magick lets you explore and understand reality better. And that’s really the point.

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