How To Activate Your Brain’s Energy Layer (Advanced Direct Magick)

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Activating Your Brain’s Energy Layer

The intent of this technique is to learn new skills faster. I haven’t done placebo-controlled testing, but it’s been useful to me, and I hope it will be useful to you.

Each of your mental areas performs a unique magickal function, handling a specific type of connection or energy or other task.

Depending on how a mental area represents magickal connections and structures, it might need to access the spatial, tactile or visual parts of your brain. And depending on the kind of work it does, it might need logical thinking, lots of extra data, or quick, reflexive responses. Also, each mental area has a different energy signature it likes to use.

You could tie all your mental areas to one brain area. But that will slow your learning.

Far better to activate the corresponding brain area each time you activate a mental area.

This post explains how.

What’s a Brain Area?

A brain area is what it sounds like: A part of your brain.

The nerves comprising a brain area may be spread out in your brain. They work closely together when you think, but they may not be physically adjacent.

Your mental area knows which brain area it wants to work with. Just ask. Connect to the mental area and focus on “What part of the brain do you want to connect to?”

The whole brain area will have one energy signature. Its neighboring brain areas will have different energy signatures. Find the edges of the brain area by looking for these signature shifts.

That’s all you need to navigate your brain’s energy. No neurology required.

Setup: Working With Your Brain

If you haven’t worked with your brain before, this exercise (from this post) will activate the mental areas you’ll need to find your brain’s energy areas:

Before you can make any changes, you’ll need to practice looking around. This will activate the mental area that lets you view your brain, the first area of the mental application for working with your brain.

To find your brain’s energy, place your hand on your forehead or temple and connect to your head. Pause to notice the signature of the tissue you’re connected to (probably your skin and skull). Move in a bit, pausing periodically. When you reach your brain, the signature will change dramatically. You’ll know when you’ve found it.

Don’t try to change anything yet. Just practice looking around your brain.

Finding the Brain’s Energy Area

Each mental area knows the area of the brain it wants to work with. You just need to ask it.

Connect to the mental area you’re activating and try whatever you find the most effective method for communicating your intent to your unconscious. For example:

  • Think “Show me the brain area you want to work with”
  • Visualize the mental area connecting to your brain
  • Focus on your desire to connect the mental area to your brain
  • Adopt a belief that your mental area will tell you where it wants to connect

How Brain Energy Activation Works

Temporarily activate the brain’s energy by pushing energy into it, just like you would make parts of your body tingle by moving energy during an energy meditation.

Here’s where it gets technical, where an understanding of how magick works changes what you do. If you just want the answer, skip to the next section.

We want to change nerves from their passive state to their active state. Each state has a particular signature. Changing the signature from “passive” to “active” should activate the nerves. That’s the theory, at least.

Ideally, the energy would only change the parts of the signature that need to change. The parts that determine the state of the nerves, not the parts that make nerves different from muscles, or your nerves different from my nerves.

Making an energy that precise is difficult. It requires training in physical effects, which I didn’t have when I started this work, and which you may not have, either.

So, your energy won’t be exactly what your brain needs. That’s OK. Here’s how you handle it.

Activating the Brain’s Energy

Push your energy into the brain area gently. The brain’s energy is much more delicate than a muscle’s energy, so use about 10% of the force you normally would. Slowly increase the energy to about 20% of a normal energy healing. If you get a headache, stop sending energy. It should subside in a few seconds.

Don’t use an external system’s energy (like Reiki energy). Its signature will be too different from your brain’s.

Knowing when to stop: Energy-induced brain activation (what we’re doing) feels the same as the mental fatigue you get every time you vigorously practice something new. When you get that, stop.

Immediately connect your mental area to your new brain area. Use the same sort of visual or focus you used to find the brain area. The mental area will guide the state of the brain area and maintain its activation after your energy dissipates. This guidance is more effective before your energy has dissipated and before the changes to your brain start to set in.

That’s it. The brain’s energy is now active. Rest a bit then start using it.

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