Powering New Mental Areas (Advanced Direct Magick)

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Mental areas need power to perform magick.

Yesterday was about activating a new mental area.  Today is about powering them so they stay active and work smoothly.

Why Hook Up Power

New mental areas will grab power on their own.  Within a few hours, new paths will open up to feed them.

But during that time, the new mental areas will draw power from wherever they can.  Other mental areas.  Your brain.  Wherever.

The energy drain is exhausting.  Work is impossible.  I slept several hours extra each day until I learned to activate the power paths.  My girlfriend had the same experience.

Where Magickal Power Comes From

Your core paths connect the source of your magickal power (soul, Higher Self, source, whatever term you want) to your mental areas.  If your soul is your magickal heart, your core paths are the arteries, delivering lifeblood to your mental muscles.

Core paths aren’t passive.  They change the power’s signature as it approaches your mental areas.  Active core paths drive that work by absorbing a small percent of the power they’re channeling.  But unused, un-powered core paths shut down.

Inactive mental areas don’t use their core paths.  You’ll need to activate core, too.

Finding Core Paths

When I first found my core, I was looking at a mental area I’d just activated, seeing it trying to draw power, and thinking about where the power would come from.  Other mages I work with who found their core paths themselves were doing the same thing.  That’s how you should find your core, too*.

*If you work with a mage who can find his core easily, have him connect to your mental areas and show you your core.  It is easier than finding it yourself.  But it requires having a teacher on hand.

Having a visualization should help you find core.  I visualize core going up.  Power flows down into my mind like an IV drips saline into my arm.

A friend visualizes core going in.  Core is part of your mental areas like mitochondria are part of a cell.

They’re just visualizations.  Neither is entirely accurate.  Try both and see what feels natural to you.

Once you find core, practice looking at the core paths for both new mental areas and mental areas you already use.  Notice how power flows through core for mental areas you’re using.

Activating Core Paths

Core divides as it goes from your source to your mental areas.  In computer science, this layout is called a tree:

Tree diagram from computer science

Your mental areas are at the bottom of the tree.  Your source is at the top.

If you pick two mental areas and trace their core paths, they will eventually meet.

This means that, if you trace up from the inactive core path for the mental area you just activated, it will eventually meet the path of an active mental area.  That core path will have power.  You can move power just like you move energy in your body.

Once you find that active part of core, grab some power and bring it down through the core paths to the new mental area.  Once the new core paths have power flowing through them, they will turn on and stay on.  If you start having difficulty bringing power to the next step in the core path, rest for half an hour to let the newly active core paths turn on more fully.


After activating a new mental area, reach up into its core until you find power.  Bring that power through core to the mental area.  Now it has its own power and won’t drain the power for the rest of your mind and body.

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2 Responses to “Powering New Mental Areas (Advanced Direct Magick)”

  1. Rebecca says:

    I find tracing paths and connections very difficult, as I do not quite understand how it is done yet.
    Could you explain exactly how you trace the paths and find your core without assistance? Do you use visualization? Is it done by moving energy down the path to trace it, or do you trace the path’s signature?
    PS: Your blog has been a lot of help. Thank you.

  2. Hi Rebecca, I’m so glad the blog is helping you.

    For tracing paths, here’s a series that explains how to learn it:

    The last post is about tracing paths, but the rest of the posts in the series cover skills that will help you trace effectively. Once I wrote it all down, I realized it’s a somewhat complex technique, so give yourself some time to learn it. At least a few weeks. But it’s fundamental to so much of magick, that once you learn it properly, a lot of other skills will open up.

    Tracing core paths isn’t anything special. Once you can trace paths in general, you’ll be able to trace core paths.

    I’m still figuring out how to teach these techniques. So please write comments as you go, let me know what works and what doesn’t, anywhere you get lost, etc. That way, I can help you learn the techniques, and you’ll help me debug the way I teach.

    Happy exploring!

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