The 2nd Step (of 3) to Learning Conscious Control of Magick

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Magick Connections

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Step 1 was about controlling each step of magick consciously.

Step 2 is about seeing what you’re doing.  Not just visualizing magick, but seeing it directly, with sensory connections.

Seeing magick directly lets you grasp how it works, instead of relying on imperfect analogies like visualizations and ritual correspondences.

This more accurate understanding of magick lets you:

  • Create more effective visualizations by more accurately representing each action your unconscious mind needs to perform.
  • See what happens in each step of your effect so you can correct those steps one at a time.
  • Create your own magick effects.

Magick Without Sensory Connections

Novice mages treat visualizations like they’re actually happening.

An energy healer might visualize light entering your body and clustering around injuries.  He might explain that “The light represents energy entering your body and collects at the injured tissue.”

Notice what that explanation lacked:

  • How do you target the injured tissue?
  • How do you determine the best energy signature to use for healing?  Different injuries require different signatures.
  • How do you stabilize the energy so it stays at the injuries?

And the big question: How does energy cause cellular change?

Directly observing magick lets you answer those questions.

Magick Connections

Using Sensory Connections

Use sensory connections to watch the energy healer connect to an external magickal structure (called a system) that helps turn his intent into action.  Pay attention to the energy it uses, how it delivers that energy to each point in the body, and how each magickal structure in the body responds.

Eventually, you’ll be able to see which steps work well and which need improvement.

What’s Special About Sensory Connections?

You unconsciously made connections when you transferred energy to a friend during the energy meditation exercises.  But those aren’t sensory connections.

Sensory connections need to see all the signatures in a large area of whatever you’re looking so you can watch each piece interact with the others.

Your energy has your signature, not the target’s signature.  Loading a connection with your energy prevents you from accurately seeing any other signatures.  Sensory connections should be quiet (not energized).

Even if you stop sending energy, a basic connection only targets a single point. It can’t show you a large area.  A sensory connection needs to split when it reaches the target, making lots of small connections throughout the area you’re interested in.

Making sensory connections takes practice.  Your connection in Step 1 wasn’t supposed to be a sensory connection. That’s what Step 2 is for.

How To Learn Sensory Connections

  1. Practice making connections by sending energy through your hand to a friend (as in the previous post).
  2. Sustain the connection while you remove your hand and reduce the energy (discussed here).
  3. Make your connection quiet.  Don’t simply not force energy into the connection.  Make the connection itself less energetic.
  4. Broaden the signature of your connections, so you see all the signatures of the area you’re viewing.
  5. Split your connection to cover the entire area you’re viewing.

I’ll write detailed instructions for items 3-5 soon.

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