What Crowley Got Wrong About Magick

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Aleister Crowley

Crowley defined magick as “the application of True Will.” His work focused on connecting with your Higher Self, which would bring forth your True Will.

Also, he lived before the time of ridiculous self-help workshops.

The Problem

To the rest of the world, magick is when thoughts or rituals or ancient words make things happen.

By Crowley’s definition, sending an email or writing a business plan are acts of magick, as long as they’re your True Will.  Non-mages don’t talk that way.

Imagine Evander Holyfield defining boxing as “The Application of Muscular Power,” then saying boxes 50 pound weights every day.

Or Intel defining computation as “Making Quick Decisions,” then offering classes on “Executive Computation.”

Regular people couldn’t talk with them.

Good definitions should make the common meaning more precise and useful.  Not change it so much that you can’t communicate outside your field.

A More Useful Definition

“Thought directly interacting with the physical world.” Read more here.

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  1. Danny Bright says:

    Hi Mike, just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your awesome website. It is such a pleasure to see magick approached in a scientific manner. I have emailed you once before, when I had just discovered your website and told you that I was Wiccan but was attracted to Chaos Magick as it did not rely on phases of the moon, colors, correspondances, rituals, etc. You direct Magick seems revolutionary to me and I’m so glad to have discovered this treasure trove off knowledge. And yes, I would love to see an entire well funded project where magick could be explored and explained to help all of mankind, I think that it is part of our destiny but nobody is listening…lol. I will share your site and Mike on facebook and the other social media I use. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and techniques brother, have a great day.

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