How To Prepare Your Mind for Magick Visualization

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In this post:

  • How to get your mind in the right state to do magick anytime, at will
  • How to know you did it right


Last post showed you how to begin doing magick with a specific visualization.

This post will show you how to do magick using any visualization by consciously engaging the parts of your mind that control magick.

Once those parts are paying attention, they’ll quickly respond to any visualization you use, so you can get new visualizations to work on the first try.


Your mental muscles are the parts of your mind that drive magick.

Your brain’s posture is the state of your brain for a specific task.  Your brain’s posture for magick is the state your brain enters when you do magick.

How To Get the Right Brain State for Controlling Magick

Before beginning these exercises, learn a simple visualization (like the energy meditation from last post).  For ritual mages, use a simple ritual instead of a visualization for these exercises.

For each step, practice it until it becomes easy.  Novice mages will probably practice 10 minutes 2x a day for a week.  Experienced mages can usually move faster.

Step 1: Recognize Your Brain’s Posture for Doing Magick

If you’ve ever worked on your posture — standing up straight, head erect, etc. — you know how thinking about it makes you aware of muscles you never thought about before.

We want to do the same for your brain states, to make you aware of what parts of your brain you use when you do magick.

Think about your brain state as you practice the simple visualization. It’s easiest to see the relevant mental muscles as change what parts of your brain are active, so pay particular attention as you begin and end the visualization.

Don’t worry about controlling anything yet. Just watch what your brain is doing.


Imagine parts of your brain networked together.

Step 2: Maintain That Brain Posture

Now that you can feel your brain’s posture, hold it there consciously.

Use your visualization to get your brain into the posture for magick, then focus on your brain’s posture and stop visualizing. Just hold your brain in that state.

Another options is to use a simple visualization to control your brain posture.  For example, imagining parts your brain networked together.  Make sure the image is general enough to incorporate into other visualizations later.

Step 3: Consciously Engage That Brain Posture

Now you’re ready to consciously engage the brain posture for doing magick. Just think about the same mental muscles as in step 2, or use the visualization you made (the networking image).  Only do this, don’t also do the energy meditation.

Once this becomes easy, you’ll be ready to create your own visualizations and magick

How To Know You Did It Right

Engage your brain posture for magick, then do a different energy visualization. Ignore breathing, motion, ritual, etc. Just imagine incandescent mist (or whatever represented energy) entering or building in various parts of your body.  You should quickly feel energy in those parts of your body, just like if you’d done a full energy meditation.


Learn the 3 key skills to controlling magick consciously.

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