The 3rd Step (of 3) to Learning Conscious Control of Magick

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Step 3: Mastering Magick

The way most mages practice magick prevents them from ever mastering it.

Step 3 is about fixing that.

What Most Mages Do Wrong

Mages rely on external structures to do magick for them.  Call it “The Universe,” “The Tree of Life,” “Angels*,” etc.  The external structure reads your intent and drives the magick for you.

You’ll never master magick by letting something you don’t understand do the hard parts for you.

I call these external structures “systems“.  The name matters. A system begs to be understood, while The Universe begs to be incomprehensible.

*Sometimes Angels are spirits, sometimes systems.

The Universe

Mastery Requires Understanding

A competent user understands a tool’s interface. A master understands how the tool works.

Normal drivers understand the pedals and steering wheel. Race car drivers understand gear ratios and tire treads so they can shift at the right time in any weather.

Using Google lets you navigate the web. But you have to understand the technology the web runs on — HTML, DNS, SQL, etc. — to be a hacker.

If you only study the visuals and ritual correspondences of a system, you’re only aspiring to be an ordinary user.

Mastering Your Tools

Next time you do magick, use sensory connections to watch what the system does.

What does it connect to?  For energy healing, not just the person as a whole, but what part of them?  How does it find that?

What energy signatures does it use?  How much of each?  Is it forcing that energy into them, or just letting them absorb what they want?

Watch how your system does magick. Then figure out why it works that way.

Start Simply

Start with something simple your system does.

Most of what energy healing systems (like for Reiki) do is simple. Selecting the right energy signature is sometimes complex.

When a spirit connects to your brain to read your thoughts, the way they remove thoughts from your brain is simple. Reading your thoughts into their mind is complex.

Predicting and altering the future (psychic and manifesting) is complex.  But the way those systems communicate is the same as the spirit’s communication above.

Not sure what part of your practice to start with? Leave a comment, I’ll see what I can do.

Pushing Your Limits: Doing Magick Without Help

The understanding you get from doing a skill far outstrips the understanding you get from watching it.

To truly master magick, drive it yourself, instead of sending your intent to a system.

If you’ve never tried, the parts of your mind that drive magick will be inactive.  Inert.  Asleep.   The first step to doing magick yourself is to activate those mental areas, either through focused practice or by using energy to wake them up.  Click here for the series explaining how.

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