Consciousness Integration Part 1: Mapping The Mind

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In this post:

  • Defining the parts used in consciousness integration
  • How to find the parts of your mind responsible for unhealthy thoughts
  • How to find the paths you’ll activate to fix those unhealthy parts of your mind


This series is about repairing your unconscious mind.  I’ll show you how to connect your unconscious mind to your conscious mind so you can update unhealthy thought patterns.

Start at the beginning of the series.  This post won’t make sense without that context.

This post covers the first step of consciousness integration: Finding the areas of your mind and brain where those thought patterns live.

Remember, this is advanced magick, targeted at someone with 3-5 years experience controlling magick consciously.  Make sure you’ve done the prep work in this post.

Overview: The Components and The Plan

Your brain is what you think it is: Nerves in your head.

Your mind is the thoughts and energies your brain makes as it works.  It’s the subjective experience of consciousness and the magickal structures that go along with it.

Different kinds of thoughts live in different parts of your mind (called mental areas).  Feelings of not being good enough in one mental area.  Guilt about lying in another.  Good ones, too, like trusting family, have their own mental areas.

An unconscious mental area is just called an unconscious area.  Your conscious mind is essentially one big area, so it’s just called the conscious mind.

Your unconscious areas push emotions into your body (a feeling of tightness in your chest, a change in your breathing, etc.) and thoughts into your consciousness.  But they don’t get much feedback from the conscious mind, so they don’t know when their responses are obsolete, unhelpful and unhealthy.

We’re going to activate thought paths between your conscious mind and specific unconscious mental areas to let them communicate.  This lets your conscious mind explain how the adult world you live in is different than the world was when those unconscious mental areas were born, which lets the unconscious areas update themselves.

Step 1: Pick a Thought Pattern

Before you can begin consciousness integration, you need to pick a thought pattern you want to update.  Something that’s been bothering you lately, that you know is unhealthy but that you can’t make stop.

Also, pick at least one trigger for this thought pattern.  A memory or conscious thought that sets it off.

Step 2: Find the Unconscious Area Responsible

You need to find the unconscious area that drives the thought pattern you want to update.

To do that, make connections throughout your mind, like you did in the final step of preparing for consciousness integration.  Then trigger the thought pattern to make the unconscious area that handles that thought pattern change signature.

When you relax yourself, the unconscious area will return to its resting signature.  Alternate between triggering the thought and relaxing it until you find the unconscious area that handles it.

Step 3: Find Your Conscious Mind

You’ll need a magickal connection to your conscious mind to do consciousness integration.

To find it, make connections throughout your mind again.  Relax, so you’re not emotional, then think about something unemotional like math or the grocery list.  The unconscious areas that handle emotions will be quiet, but your conscious mind will be active, processing the unemotional thoughts.

Once you find your conscious mind once, it will be easy to find again because it has a different signature than your unconscious areas.

Step 4: Find the Thought Path Connecting Them

There’s already a thought path between the unconscious area and your conscious mind.  It’s just inactive.  Once you activate it, the unconscious area and your conscious mind will talk and begin integrating.

To find the thought path you’ll activate, just focus on the connections you have to the unconscious area and to your conscious mind.  Think about finding the path that connects them.  It should become obvious, as long as you completed the preparation steps to activate the mental areas responsible for working with thought areas and paths.

The thought path should have 1 of 2 possible forms:

  • It may be a single path directly connecting the unconscious area and your conscious mind.
  • It may be a 2-stage path.  The first stage goes from your conscious mind to a point near many unconscious areas.  The second stage splits, with one path going to each unconscious area.  You’ll need to activate the entire first stage, and the second stage path going to the unconscious area you want to integrate.

Once you have the path, you’re ready to activate it.  That’s next post.


If you’re having trouble with these steps, return to the preparation post.  Practice those steps until they become easy.  This will also ensure that you’ve activated all the mental areas* you need.

*Mental areas are the parts of your mind that drive magick.

If you can do everything else but have trouble finding the thought path, it may be that you’ve activated the mental areas for working with thought areas but not the one for working with thought paths.  Just practice looking for them, like you practiced looking for mental areas, and it should activate.

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