The Technology of Enlightenment: Consciousness Integration

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In this series:

  • How to permanently quiet nagging thoughts that enter your consciousness
  • How to update patterns you learned as a child that don’t work in the adult world
  • How to make those changes in minutes, and know they worked


Everyone is after enlightenment.  For me, meditating on a mountain was never that appealing.

I like using magick — altering the world through thought — to solve problems.  And I usually succeed.  This series is about how to alter your mind using energy and the structures that stabilize it to become more enlightened.

It’s like a year of personal growth in an afternoon.

How To Do It: Consciousness Integration

Unconscious thought patterns form throughout our lives.  Many formed during a time — childhood, for example — with very different rules than your current adult world.  They get stuck with that old worldview, producing anxieties and drives that are unhealthy now.

Ideally, your conscious mind would explain how your world has changed and how much more capable you are, so the unconscious parts could adjust themselves.

But that doesn’t happen. The unconscious parts only communicate through emotion, not conscious thought. The conscious mind can’t explain anything to them.

This series is about activating thought paths so your conscious mind can talk with the rest of your psyche and update your thought patterns to your adult world.

I call the effect immediate consciousness integration.  Once you learn it, you can update thought patterns in minutes. It’s like a year of personal growth all at once.

What To Know Before Starting

This series is written for experienced mages. You’ll need to be able to make sensory connections, develop your own visualizations, and work with the physical and thought layers of your mind. If you aren’t there yet, that’s fine, just know that some of the exercises may be difficult for you.

Ready To Start?

All the posts in the series are below.  Start with How Consciousness Integration Works.  It’s a bonus double-post Monday!

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