The 3 Ideas Behind Magick Of Thought

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Most of my practice is outside traditional styles like Reiki or Thelema. I do energy healing, psychic intuition and other magick by creating my own techniques, which gives me the experience to build the next technique.

This style — creating your own techniques instead of learning traditional ones — is based on 3 ideas.

This post is about those 3 ideas, why I trust them, and how they can help you.

The 3 Ideas

  1. To master any style*, learn to control energy, connections, etc. through thought.
  2. To learn those skills, practice them on their own, without doing a larger skill (like energy healing).
  3. Controlling those skills consciously lets you create your own style.

*In this post, style means energy healing, psychic, ritual magick, etc.

Why Controlling Energy, Connections, Etc Leads To Mastery

Those are the building blocks of every style.  Everything that style does, it does by controlling energy, connections, and similar structures.  If you can control those things, you can do everything in that style, either by channeling that style’s outside forces (The Universe, Angels, etc.) or by driving the effects yourself (the advanced version, in section 3, below).

Here’s one example for each style of how controlling energy and connections lets you do it better:

Energy healing works by changing the signature of the injured tissue by pushing energy into it.  If you distribute small connections throughout the tissue, instead of using one large connection to a single point, you can ensure an accurate view of the injury and a smooth distribution of energy, resulting in better healing results.

Psychics receive information from an external source.  It communicates by reading and placing thoughts directly from/into your brain.  Each thought, though, happens in many areas of your brain.  If you gather the energy signature of your thoughts into a single message, it’s easier for the external source to work with, so you can ask more detailed questions and get better answers.

Ritual mages also use external forces that recognize their ritual actions.  For example, if you make a circle to contain a spirit you will evoke, the external force creates a structure to prevent the spirit from making connections.  If you understand how small-scale connections can tunnel through shields, you can help the external force create effective shielding.

The first time you learn these things takes a lot of practice.  But once you learn the fundamental skill, you can apply it to other styles.

Why You Should Practice Those Skills On Their Own

It’s easier to assemble a lot of skills you already know than to learn a large, complex technique all at once.

When you do any high-level, useful effect (like energy healing, psychic queries, etc.), you use a lot of connections, energy signatures, etc.  It’s hard to figure out which ones need work.

By focusing on the building blocks of your skills — controlling energies in a particular signature, making one connection to deliver energy and a different one to see the results, etc. — you can master each in isolation, then bring that mastery to the larger problem.

By learning each skill in isolation, you can also apply it to any technique in any style. But if you only learn to control energy when you do healing sessions, you have to unlearn habits and associations when you want to use energy for protection.

Why Controlling Those Skills Consciously Lets Your Create New Techniques

Most practitioners rely on external forces.  Energy healers channel energy from The Universe; psychics ask The Universe for information; ritual mages invoke Enochian Angels and spirits like the Goetia.

First, realize those impressive names were created by people who found the external force, decided it was useful, and learned to work with it.  They’re just tools.  They work by altering energies, connections, etc.

Those tools know how to solve specific problems.  Very few are general enough to solve any problem.  You’ll eventually want to develop your own techniques to solve new problems, or just solve old problems in new ways.  There are a ton of examples on this site.

Once you can control energies, connections, etc. yourself, you won’t need those external tools.  You might still use them, but instead of relying on them and what they are built to do, you’ll tell them every step they should take, how to do it, and what to change from their normal operating procedure.  Or you might just do everything yourself, driving each step with your own mine.

Either way, you’ll be able to create your own techniques.  That’s when you’ve really mastered not just your style, but all of magick.

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