A Practical Guide to Helping Calm People With Energy

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My previous post showed a technique designed to calm someone with energy (read it before reading this post).  I got some great questions about it:

  • What should I do in addition to the energy work to best calm someone?
  • How long could I expect it to last? Will I need to keep a constant connection to maintain the effect?
  • How much of my own energy will be needed?

Here are the answers to those questions.

Calming in Practice

What should I do in addition to the energy to best calm someone?

Most importantly: Give them a reason they calmed down.  People need to explain their responses to themselves.

If you’re upset, then suddenly calm, that’s kind of freaky, no?  Enough to get you worried, or at least make you question why you’re calm.  And question why you’re calm will lead you to think about what’s agitating you, which will probably agitate you all over again.

So, do something to help them explain their calmness.  Say something soothing to them.  Turn off the sound that’s annoying them.  You get the idea.

Do the calming energy as you do the action, or immediately before.

Why before?  Well, if the action only takes a second, doing it after is fine.  But if you have a 30-second talk, and they don’t feel calm, then you walk away they suddenly feel calm, that doesn’t really make a sensible story.  But do it so the calming happens a second before you talk with them, and they probably won’t notice the delay.

Keeping Them Calm

How long could I expect it to last?  Will I need to keep a constant connection to maintain the effect?

If you do it right, it should last until something happens to agitate the person, and it shouldn’t take constant connection or effort.  Here’s why and how.

Your mind has two types of energetic states: Ones that it stays in easily, and ones that it shifts out of.  You want to shift the mind into a state it stays in.  I call this a natural state.

If you shift part of their mind into calm, but part stays agitated, this is an un-natural state.  They will quickly shift out of this half-calm state.

But if you shift all of their mind into calm, that’s a natural state.  They’ll stay there until something pushes them out of it.

How do you make sure to calm all of their mind?  2 things to do:

  1. Make sure you shift them to a calm signature (using the correct delta signature*), not a weird combination of your calm signature and their original signature.
  2. If you only make one connection to them, you will probably only get a small part of their mind.  Instead, make several connections throughout their head, so you saturate the whole thing.

Once you do this, you won’t have to sustain a connection to them.  They’ll simply stay calm.

*The delta signature shifts their current signature into a new signature.  See the previous post for details.

Powering the Calming Effect

How much of my own energy will be needed to initialize and sustain a calming effect on another person?

Most energy healers avoid using their own energy to drive their magick.  They channel energy from an external source (they call it The Universe, I call it a system).  Or you can change the energy the person produces, so they drive their own healing results (that’s how I typically do it).

But helping to calm someone requires getting the signature of the energy just right.  Channeling energy from a system probably won’t get you the right signature.  Changing the energy the person produces makes a permanent change, which isn’t our goal here.  So I drive this effect with my own energy.

How much energy does it take?  The short answer is “enough to notice, but not enough to wear you out, and probably less energy than it would take to talk to them until they calm down.”

Here’s why driving the calming effect yourself is OK, while driving a healing effect is exhausting:

First, changing an emotional state takes much less energy than healing techniques for muscle.

Second, when most people do healing work, they use an energy with a broad signature.  A large portion of that signature will miss the target, so they have to use a lot of energy.  Here, we’re using a precise signature, so all your energy will do work.  So you’ll need a lot less energy.

Third, healing techniques for muscle requires continuous energy for hours or days.  With calming, as long as you shift the energy of their whole mind and remove the external stimulus that was agitating them, you only need to supply energy for a few seconds.

If you’re helping to calm people who are very agitated, over time you will notice the drain.

More Questions?

Leave a comment.  And if you try the effect, let me know how it goes.

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