Consciousness Integration Part 2: Activating Thought Paths

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In this post:

  • How to activate thought paths to connect your conscious and unconscious minds
  • The easy way
  • A faster but more complex way


This series is about repairing your unconscious mind.  I’ll show you how to connect your unconscious mind to your conscious mind so you can update unhealthy thought patterns.

Start at the beginning of the series.  This post won’t make sense without that context.

This post covers the second step of consciousness integration: Activating the thought paths you found in the first step, so your conscious mind can help unhealthy thought patterns adjust to the adult world.

Remember, this is advanced magick, targeted at someone with 3-5 years experience controlling magick consciously.  Make sure you’ve done the prep work in this post.

Overview: How To Activate Thought Paths

You can tell if a thought path is active or inactive by its energy signature.  Active ones have an obvious signature, and all of them look pretty similar.  Inactive ones have a more muted energy signature, but all the inactive ones look pretty similar, too.

But you can’t activate a thought path by changing its energy signature. The energy signature doesn’t determine whether a thought path is active or not, it reflects the underlying state.  Think of it like a tree: Green leaves on a tree signify that it’s healthy, and also contribute to its health, but if you take an unhealthy tree and attach green leaves to it, it doesn’t become healthy.

Now that you have the idea, here’s the technical explanation that lets you see the solution: There are several layers between the body’s energy layer and physical cells.  When you shift the energy layer, that new signature will seep down a few layers, but not all the way down to cells.  The cells still have their previous signature, which seeps up through layers toward the energy layer.  A single application of energy won’t be enough to shift the cells’ signature.

So, we’re going to shift the energy signature, let it seep in, then do it again, for a few hours.  Eventually, the new signature will seep through enough layers to change the behavior of your cells, activating the thought path permanently.

Activating a Thought Path: Version 1

Now that you know the plan, you need to find the right energy signature, make that type of energy, and put it in the right spot.  Here’s how:

Finding the Right Energy Signature

Just use the energy signature of an active thought path.  Look around, spot a few, and use an energy signature that looks similar to all of them.

Remember in the preparation steps when we went from the thought layer to the nerve layer?  To activate the thought path, you need to work at the nerve layer.  That’s the only way to make long-lasting changes to your mind.  Make sure to move from the thought layer to the nerve layer before doing this step.

Making the Energy

You have to make it yourself.  Making energy with particular signatures is one of the core skills of magick, so I can’t step you through the entire process here, but I do have some tips for this particular effect:

  • Aim for making a precise signature, not making a ton of energy.
  • Make the energy in the part of the body that will use it (your brain).  If you make it in your chest, the signature will be tuned to your chest, and will conflict with your brain.
  • If you’re used to energy feeling like a tingle, heat, or other big obvious sensation, you’re not ready for this technique.  Those sensations happen when energy DOES NOT align to your body.  If you get those sensations here, you will get a tremendous headache.
  • If you do it right, you shouldn’t feel much of anything, just a general fatigue as your brain accepts the new thought path.

Putting the Energy in the Right Spot

Apply the energy throughout the thought path.  The energy will spread out a little from whatever point you focus on, but it won’t effectively spread to the entire thought path.  You need many points along the thought path.  Make sure to go all the way to both thought areas (your conscious mind and the unconscious area).  If you miss the ends, the effect won’t work.

Don’t ground (release the energy).  The whole point is to retain the energy to produce a change in your nerves.  Also, if you’re making so much energy that you need to ground, you’re making far too much.

Remember to work at the nerve layer, not the thought layer.  If you’re not sure which is which, return to the preparation steps.


Return to the thought path ever 3-5 minutes.  After around 30 minutes*, you’ll see the energy start to return to the inactive signature.  Re-apply the active energy signature (the steps we just did).  Repeat until the energy signature doesn’t shift to inactive for at least 4 hours.  This will probably take a day.

*30 minutes is a total guess.  It entirely depends on how you make your energy.  But once you see how long it lasts, use that as your baseline.  It will last a little longer with each iteration.

Activate the Thought Level

The previous steps were to activate the nerve-level path.  Once that’s set up, activate the thought-level path.  Use the same technique, but at the thought level, not the nerve level.  This step should set in much faster because the nerve level now supports the path.

Activating a Thought Path: Version 2

Version 2 will work faster than version 1.  It’s a change to the energy signature.  You can get good results with version 1, but if you found it simple and slow, here’s the next step.

In version 1, you just made energy in the signature of an active thought path.  But remember we said that inactive thought paths have a signature, too?

The signatures of active and inactive thought paths are pretty similar.  Kind of like how all humans share a lot of their DNA.  So instead of making energy with the entire signature of the active thought path, make energy with a signature containing only the differences between active and inactive thought paths.  That way, you’re only altering the parts of the signature you need to move.  This more focused signature shift yields faster results.

All the other steps are the same.

Activating a Thought Path: Advanced Version

When I do consciousness integration, I add steps to make the new signature set in right away, so it only takes one session.  It involves changing the signature of the layers below energy, and changing the energy being produced.  But this series is already long and complex, so I’m leaving the advanced version for another time.

Next: What to do once the thought path is active, and how to know you did it right.

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2 Responses to “Consciousness Integration Part 2: Activating Thought Paths”

  1. Ruatha says:

    I have been healing for ten years, I have studied Qigong, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), etc. and created my own technique to create energy patterns [similar to your ethereal software] to continue the healing process long after I have moved on to other things. I also use Voice Dialogue to do emotional healing and that works wonderful and is all about integrating ‘subconscious’ voices with the conscious self.

    After all that… I LOVE this technique!

    I had done some rather profound work and released some emotional response habits based around fear of failure years ago, and had gotten the clear message that it was completely gone. It slowly creeped back into my life, which confused me. As I read this thread, I followed the instructions and got a much firmer awareness of the thought system in my mind than ever before and was able to quickly identify a surprising fact. The fear of failure was coming from ‘outside’ my mind. At that point, it was easy to find and reprogram the errant energy pattern that had been feeding off my fears. I tested my emotional response to typical ‘failure’ scenarios and all the heavy emotions were gone, I felt my own mind say ‘Well, lets just try again.”

    FYI: my ‘impresion’ of the nerve layer was an endless flat field with fuzzy blue emanations (against the typical blank/black I get when no data is coming to me). As I went looking for the thought layer, I at fist met another large flat layer, almost invisible to me, but got after examination, it turned out to be the top most barrier that ‘held in’ the nerve layer. I couldn’t find another layer until I popped that whole ‘flat’ layer into a ball (ie: stepped out of that dimension) and found this nearly overwhelming lightning storm of thoughts and feelings exploding all around the ball I had made of the first layer. Things got even more interesting when I went to find the ‘conscious’ thought area and found it overlapped everything, was connected to the center of the ball and stretched out towards whatever I was examining at the time, including whole sections of the unconscious mind outside the sphere. I thought you would find that interesting.

    I look forward to perusing more on this site and will keep posting.

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