Have You Built Your Funnel?

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In marketing, there’s a concept known as your funnel.

It’s how people progress from hearing about you, to finding out more, to testing your services, to becoming a customer.

Put strangers in the top of the funnel, and friends, readers and customers come out the bottom.

This blog isn’t about selling products, but the same concept applies: I need to create a path for someone to visit once, see what the blog is about, decide my style is worth trying, read more, and become a regular visitor.

This isn’t a problem for business blogs, cooking blogs, exercise blogs, etc. New readers can just jump in. They’ll understand all your concepts quickly. You just need to write something worth reading.

But this blog is about a new way of doing magick. Most of the concepts don’t exist in non-magickal society, and some of them don’t even exist in other magick groups. Many of the terms are my own, created as I developed the magickal structures they refer to. It’s hard for new readers to get involved.

When you share something truly new, you need to hold the reader’s hand.

My funnel needs to orient new readers. Lead them down a manicured path from knowing nothing to knowing the basics, explaining what everything means along the way. It needs to make it easy for new readers to figure out what this style of magick is, how it works, and how each skill they learn fits into the bigger picture.

October is Funnel Month

I’ve been writing this blog since February. Almost 100 posts. It’s time to make my funnel.

In October, I’m going to focus on a series orienting new readers to my style of magick and how it can help them. If you’ve been trying to learn magick, but aren’t sure what all the pieces are, how it works, or even what exactly magick is, this series will fix all that.

Coming up in November is the free ebook, Learn Magick in 50 Days. It steps you through learning magick, from knowing nothing to knowing everything you need to know to master any style. It’s halfway done, but I’m pausing it to write the orientation series, which I’ll then condense and add to the ebook.

Meeting More Mages

Some of my readers have been nudging me to post on other blogs, forums, etc. I want to. But I want to make the funnel first, so when curious people check out my blog, they can get into it easily. After all, you only get one look from most curious people, and if you can’t orient them well, you’ll never see them again.

But there are 2 easy ways you can help me grow this blog, which will help you because you’ll have more people asking questions, sharing tips, and helping the community.

2 Easy Ways You Can Help

1. Tell me what other magick blogs, forums, email lists, etc you read. If any snail-mail newsletters still exist, I’d like to hear about them, too. That way I can prepare to meet more mages in November.

2. As I post the orientation series, let me know if any part isn’t clear. If it’s not clear to you, it won’t be clear to most new readers, either. Write a comment or send me an email through the contact form.

Thanks for helping!

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