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In this post:

  • How to use energy to help calm yourself and others.
  • How to make all your energy-based effects more reliable and less tiring.


A friend asked me recently about using energy to calm herself, and to help calm her psychiatric patients.  This post is my answer, based on techniques I’ve had good results with.

(Disclaimer: This technique is designed to help calm people. I can’t say definitively that it does. I’ve tested it, but not in ways that rule out placebo. Try it, see what happens, let us know.)

My friend is an intermediate mage: She can build and move energy, recognize energy signatures, make connections, etc.  This post is targeted at that level.  To get there (or close, at least), do the exercises in The 3 Steps to Learning Conscious Magick.

The Short Answer

You can calm yourself by shifting the energy in your head from an agitated signature to energy with a calm signature.

With another person, either shift the energy in their head, or shift the energy in the room, which will ultimately shift their energy.

The Tricky Part

But you have to use the right energy signature.

There are 3 energy signatures you need:

  • The signature of “calm” that you want to shift to.  Call this the target signature.
  • The agitated, worried, angry, etc. signature you currently have.  Call this the original signature.
  • The energy that will shift the original signature into the target signature.  Call this the delta signature*.

The delta signature is the tricky part.  That’s what the rest of this post is about.

*Delta, often written as a triangle, is an engineering term meaning “difference.”

Why You Need the Delta Signature

When I first worked with inflamed tendons, I would use the signature of a healthy tendon as the target signature, pushing that healthy energy into the tendon.  Makes sense, right?  You’ll wash the old signature away and apply a new one.

Except signatures are like mixing a drink, not washing a dish.  If you start with a half-glass of Jack D, and you add in half a glass of Coke, you don’t wind up with a glass of soda.


(Original signature + Target signature) = (Weird mixed signature)

For working with inflamed tendons, the mixed signature is closer to non-inflamed than the original signature was, and it works OK.

For small shifts of emotions — from calm to more calm — the mixed signature seems to work OK.

But for large shifts — from agitated to calm — weird mixed signatures are slow, weak, and can cause headaches and other problems.  That’s why you need the delta signature.

The delta signature is the difference between the original signature and the target signature.  It’s designed so that:

(Original signature + Delta signature) = Target signature

Because you’re setting your brain into a specific target signature (which, if you did it right, is a signature your brain takes on naturally), your brain will accept this new energy state within seconds. In my experience, the new energy state causes a new emotional state — your mileage may vary, and I’m interested in your experience with these techniques.

How To Make a Delta Signature

Making a delta signature is a core magick skill.  Making your first delta signature will take a few weeks.  After that, you can figure them out in a few minutes to an hour.

Before you start this, you might want to review this post explaining how a signature is made of smaller units, like how molecules are made of atoms, which are made of electrons etc.

You’ll need to be able to view a signature’s building blocks, and the building blocks of those building blocks.  I’ll call them medium and small building blocks, respectively.

Here’s how to learn to make a delta signature, based on a calming effect:

  1. Calm yourself, and memorize your signature, down to the small building blocks.  This is the target signature.
  2. Get into another emotional state.  Do the same thing.  This is the original signature.
  3. Look at the building blocks of the original signature.  Focus on re-arranging the small building blocks of the original signature into medium building blocks that look like the target signature.  You’ll start to see how to assemble them.  This will feel very odd the first time, but after a week it should become comfortable.
  4. Focus on that shift when making your energy.

When you practice, do each step until it becomes easy.  So for a week, just do step 1.  Then the next week, do steps 1-2.  Then steps 1-3 for a week.  Don’t move on until that step is comfortable.

Once you learn to make a delta signature, you won’t have to memorize both signatures.  You can just look at them side-by-side, or memorize the target signature and look at the original signature.  But for your first time, memorizing both of them will help.

Making Better Delta Signatures

We just made a delta signature with one level: We arranged the small building blocks into medium building blocks.

You can get a smoother delta signature if you start at the original signature’s very small building blocks, assemble those to look like the target signature’s small building blocks, then use those new small building blocks to assemble the target signature’s medium building blocks.

The more levels you go down, the closer you’ll match the target signature at the end.

One More Trick

To work with someone else, you need to figure out the delta signature from their original signature, not yours.

For most people, their emotional and energetic states will be similar enough to yours that you can get by using the same energy on them as you do on yourself.

But psychiatric patients may have dramatically different emotional signatures than normal people (I haven’t worked with them, so I don’t know).  Before applying any energy, see if their emotional signature looks like yours, and adjust the energy accordingly.

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  1. Lisa says:

    How much of my own energy will be needed to initialize and sustain a calming effect on another person?

    How long could I expect a calming effect to last? Will I need to keep a constant connection to maintain the effect?

  2. Mike says:

    Great questions, Lisa. I’ve replied to them in the next post in the series:

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