How To Prove Magick To Yourself In 90 Minutes

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This post outlines a 90-minute class I’ve taught in Chicago and Albuquerque. It will show you how to:

  • Sense other peoples’ energy with a magickal connection.
  • Determine a person’s emotions based on their energy.
  • Prove to yourself that you’re really doing magick.

Before taking this class, you should be able to:

  • Build energy in your body (using an energy meditation).
  • Move energy around your body.


The class is a series of exercises.  For each exercise, I explain what it is and why we’re doing it.

You can use this for your own practice, to review after taking the class, or to teach the class yourself (send students to this page afterward, it’s like their notes).

Warm Ups

It takes time to leave the stresses of your day behind and focus on magick.  Start with some warm ups to help transition, and to make sure everyone knows the pre-reqs.

Warm up 1: Energy Meditation

I explain a simple energy meditation, and why it works, in this post.

Warm up 2: Move the Energy

Move the energy around your body.  Touch your leg (or arm, shoulder, etc) and move energy through your arm and into your leg.

Suggest a visualization, but don’t lead the meditation.  Students will need to handle their own visualizations soon, and you want to see if anyone has trouble with that.

Handling Connections

These exercises teach students how to make connections to sense energy.  They will be new for most students.

Sustain a Connection

The Exercise

Start by moving energy through your arm into your leg.  Sustain this energy flow as you slowly move your hand a few inches away.  You’ll make a magickal connection.

What You Learn

How to make a connection.

You’re telling your unconscious to keep the energy flowing.  Your unconscious knows that the only way to do that is by making a connection, so it does.

Make a Sensory Connection

The Exercise

Make a connection again (the previous exercise), then visualize the connection as something separate from the energy.  A hose, glass tube, etc. work well.  Stop the flow of energy, but sustain the connection.  Then release the energy from your body, so you’re not full of energy, but sustain the connection.

What You Learn

How to make a sensory connection.

If your connection is full of your energy, you can’t sense with it.  All you see is your own energy.

By sustaining the connection while quieting your energy, you can sense the energy of whatever you’re connecting to.

Connect to a Partner

The Exercise

Work with a partner.  Touch their shoulder (or their temple if you know them well), make a quiet connection (as in the previous exercise), then have them make energy.  Draw the energy into you (visualize the energy in them flowing up your connection and into you).

What You Learn

How to work with other peoples’ energy.

You’ll need this to sense their emotions based on their energy, and for a lot of other magick.

Reading Emotions By Energy

These exercises will teach students to sense the energy a person produces, and how that changes with different emotions.

Recognize Emotions

The Exercise

Connect to your partner as in the previous exercise.  Have them focus on a memory that triggers an emotion, then make energy.  Their energy will have a signature (or type) matching that emotion.  Have them tell you the emotion, so you learn what the signature means.

Repeat this with several different emotions (go for opposites like happy and sad, not similar ones like angry and nervous).

What You Learn

You learn the feeling of the energy corresponding to different emotions.

When I last taught the class, this was the point where all the beginners could feel the difference between different energies and knew they were doing everything right.

Identify Emotions

The Exercise

Same as above, but your partner doesn’t tell you the emotion.  Instead, you tell them, based on the energy.  Close your eyes so you don’t read their facial expression.

It’s easiest to do this with a partner you just practiced with, so you know their exact signatures.  For added challenge, do this with a new partner, without the Recognize Emotions exercise.

What You Learn

This step isn’t about learning, it’s about demonstrating a skill, and proving to yourself that you’re doing magick.

Want More?

For more details, more exercises, and some advanced techniques that build on these skills, see this series.


Can You Sense Emotions At Distance?

Yes.  But that requires making those connections without touch, and probably being able to sense a person’s normal energy, without them building it up.

Most experienced mages can do that, but it’s more than I can teach in a 60-90 minute class for people who’ve only done energy meditations.

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5 Responses to “How To Prove Magick To Yourself In 90 Minutes”

  1. Thesinz says:

    Hey Mike,
    Do sensory connections work with inanimate objects like say a badminton racket so you can ‘feel’ the part where you use to hit the shuttlecock? Also, is it normal to feel buzzing on your skin whenever you try to gather energy?

    • The buzzing feel sounds normal. I describe it as a tingling, but those sound similar enough.

      Sensory connections on inanimate objects are hard. See, you’re sensing the energy of what you’re connected to, but inanimate objects have far less energy than something alive. There are some other complications, also: Energy changes how cells behave, how they change over time, but inanimate objects don’t have cellular processes to accelerate or decelerate, so the energy techniques I use on living matter won’t work on inanimate objects. While I hope to crack that problem someday, I haven’t yet gone any farther than finding out that it’s a tough problem.

  2. Amy says:

    whenever I try to do a sensory connection I can’t stop the energy connection unless I move ( my hand and knee ) apart.any tips? I tried imagining a number of objects but none so far worked.

    • Make a point of separating the energy from the connection in your visualization. Maybe water in a pipe, or electricity on a wire. Or the feeling of being able to connect to someone vs actually having an open flow of energy with them. Do any of those resonate with you?

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