How Magick Works – Part 3

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This is the part 3 of How Magick Works, showing you each step of a magick effect, including the parts that most mages leave to the unconscious. Read part 1 and part 2 before reading this.

Example 3: Psychic Intuition


A psychic channels information from an external source (a system). They focus on a question, the system reads their mind and whispers the answer back into their thoughts.

How It Works, Step By Step

The Source of Psychic Information

Psychic information comes from a system. “System” is a general term for anything external to you (other than a spirit) that gives you information, energy, or other help as you do magick. We saw the term before as the source of energy for energy healing, and we’ll see it many times again. Systems drive most magick.

Different systems do different tasks, but they all work in basically the same way: The system connects to your mind, reads your instructions, acts on them, and whispers ideas into your thoughts to respond to you. Some systems just act on the instructions by providing energy or other resources, but don’t communicate back most of the time.

Mages who work with a single system often name it something like “The Universe” or “The Source.” Mages who work with many systems see them as just tools, and name them something more descriptive, like “system” (an assembly of parts, like a computer system), “collective” (because groups of spirits and mages use them to collaborate), etc.

Finding a Psychic System

Some people found psychic systems as children. Usually from a family member who’s psychic, or a spirit living nearby who helped them, etc. These are the “natural psychics.”

Lots of people aren’t lucky enough to pick up a psychic system as a child. I wasn’t. But you can find a system and become psychic as an adult. Here are the 2 main ways:

  • Ask a spirit you work with. This was my approach, but you need to know the right sort of spirits.
  • Work with a psychic, find their connection to the system, make your own connection and start working with it.

You aren’t stealing their system. Each system can support thousands or millions of users. Think of it like a website, where everyone can access it at the same time. You won’t affect anyone else.

Communicating With the Psychic System

Like the energy healing system, the psychic system handles most of the communication. It reads your thoughts, watching the signature changes in your mind as you think a question. It whispers the response into your mind, one concept at a time, by using energy to nudge your mind’s signature toward the signature your mind normally has when you think that concept.

The responses from the system have a slightly different signature than your thoughts, so they feel different. That’s how you tell your thoughts apart from psychic intuitions.

Spirits communicate in the same way. If you can communicate with a psychic system, you can channel spirits.

Most psychic systems work with just one part of your mind. Psychics engage that part of their mind as they think their question, so the system can more accurately read their thoughts. Then they quiet their thoughts and listen for the system’s response in that part of their mind.

The hardest part of getting accurate psychic intuitions is listening just to the system, not to your own expectations. If your mind is active, you’ll drown out the system’s communications. That’s why some psychics can’t get good information about people they love.

Improving Your Magick Skills

Now that you know the major pieces that drive magick, we can talk about how to improve your skills.

Systems drive most popular styles of magick, including all ritual magick (ritual magick also works with spirits sometimes), all psychic skills, most energy healing, all runic magick, and most of Chaos Magick. The system handles most of the hard parts. Your job is to instruct the system clearly, and stay out of its way.

If you’ve never done magick, you’ll start by learning to engage your mental muscles so you can connect to the system, use the right parts of your mind for communication, and generally direct it to do what you want. I cover that in these two posts, this series, and in more depth in a free ebook I’m releasing later this year.

Once you have the basic skills down, learning those styles comes down to:

  • Finding a good system, by asking spirits or working with someone you think is skilled.
  • Learning better communication by quieting your thoughts and engaging the right part of your mind.
  • Learning that system’s syntax — the right way to phrase questions for that system, and how it replies.

I’ll point you to resources for all that later in this series.

Outgrowing Systems

Most mages I know eventually outgrow their systems. Some want to do things their systems can’t help with. Some just become curious, piece together how the system does magick, then see places to improve on it. Some want the kind of understanding and mastery that only comes from doing all the steps yourself. I’ll show you how in the next post.


Next is The Best Way to Grow as a Mage. It shows you how and why to do magick yourself, without relying on systems, and how this site can help you master any style and create your own.

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