Detailed Psychic Intuitions: Preparing Your Mind

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This series is about improving your psychic intuitions, plus all your other communications. Start with the first post here.

This post shows you how to improve your psychic intuitions in about 30 minutes. It will also help you communicate with other forces, like the source used in energy healing, the spirits that ritual mages work with, and all other systems.

Improving Your Psychic Communication

Remember from last post that most systems only connect to the areas of your mind with a signature similar to the system’s signature, and that they connect better when (1) the area’s signature is very similar, and (2) more of your mind (a larger area) has the system’s signature.

We’re going to use energy to improve those two aspects of your communication.

Bathing an area of your mind in energy helps it adjust to that energy’s signature. By “bathing,” I mean building energy with a particular signature and holding it in one part of your mind for a few minutes. It doesn’t take a lot of energy, so focus on the signature, rather than flooding your mind with energy.

Getting the Right Energy Signature

To get the right signature, focus on the feel of the psychic intuitions you get. You know how psychic thoughts feel different in your head than normal thoughts? That’s because psychic thoughts are in the system’s signature, and normal thoughts are in your signature. Focusing on the feeling of psychic thoughts while you build energy will produce energy in that signature.

The system will help you if you ask. Just think “Guide me to the parts of my mind that you connect to” the same way you think psychic questions. Its main role is providing psychic intuitions, but most systems can do a lot of other things, if you just ask. Next time you need to learn something, ask your systems if they can help.

Finding the Right Area of Your Mind

To find the right part of your mind, focus on asking a psychic question. Not the question itself, but the way you hold your mind when you ask, the brain posture that separates a psychic question from an idle thought. If you want details on brain posture, this post explains how to find it, maintain it, and use it to make magick easier.

Preparing Your Mind

Once you find the right part of your mind, send the energy into it. Hold it there until it becomes comfortable. Then ask the system to help align your mind for its connections.

The energy will adjust that part of your mind to the energy’s signature, which happens to be the system’s signature. Energizing the part of your mind the system normally connects to will help get all the little pieces of that area, so the system can make more connections for clearer communication. Energizing a little bit extra around that area will let the system spread out its connections to communicate concepts that the smaller part of your mind couldn’t receive properly. Try to get both the area you normally use for communication, plus a little bit extra around it by, for example, visualizing the energy spreading out from the area you found into more of your mind.

Be gentle. The amount of pressure you use for healing techniques with muscles will overwhelm your brain. It should feel like a mild tingle, not a rushing torrent. If you overdo it and get a headache, dizziness, or similar problems, ground the energy into the rest of your body then release it into the room.

The energy bath will make your mind’s signature malleable for a few minutes. Take advantage of that by asking the system to help you. Think “Help adjust my mind to your signature” in the same way you normally think psychic queries. The system will connect to you, adjust your mind to match its signature even better than the energy did, and help you prepare for psychic queries better. Then rest for a few hours to let those changes set in.

How To Know You Did It Right

Within 24 hours, you should have noticeably clearer psychic communications.

I’m going to let folks who try this explain their experiences, so you know what to expect.


Next post will show you how to prepare your mind to receive images, sounds and concepts. Read it here.

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One Response to “Detailed Psychic Intuitions: Preparing Your Mind”

  1. Lisa says:

    I’ve been working on improving my connections to a psychic system the past few weeks. I like to visualize that I am preparing a new garden plot as I prepare a new area of my brain. Holding this image keeps me from sending too much energy into the area. Then, I visualize new seedlings crowning the layer of soil, growing, and spreading out. These images help me manage the different energy signatures.

    When I first started this process I thought I wasn’t getting anywhere. I was measuring success by how much energy feedback I felt. I often wondered if I was doing something incorrectly because I felt almost zero feedback. Now I go to my psychic system first and ask it to show me what I need to do next to improve. The system guides me and shows me the amount of energy I need to use and where I need to apply it. I match the signature as closely as I can. I usually see changes after a night of good sleep. Lisa

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