How To Get More Detailed Psychic Intuitions

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This series shows you how to improve the detail and accuracy of your psychic intuitions by preparing more of your mind to receive the information. It’s aimed at novice mages, and only requires these skills:

  • Getting psychic intuitions when you ask a question, rather than just getting them randomly.
  • Building and moving energy in your body.

Experienced psychics may be novice mages. The skill sets are similar but not quite the same.

These techniques aren’t just for psychics. They will help anyone who uses outside forces in their magick (ritual mages, energy healers, etc).

Learning the Prerequisite Skills

To learn to get psychic intuitions in response to questions, first work with a psychic to connect to the force that provides their intuitions, then practice connecting to that force while you ask your question.

To learn to build energy and move it around your body, first learn a basic energy meditation, then learn to consciously engage the right parts of your mind to make any visualization work.

How Psychic Intuition Works

Once you understand how psychic intuition works, you can improve your skills quickly. So let’s start with the major moving pieces of psychic intuition.

The psychic channels information from an outside force. I call all these outside forces “systems.” One that provides psychic information is a “psychic system.”

The system reads questions from your thoughts by watching the energy signature (and deeper signatures) of your mind. As you think, your mind’s signature changes to reflect your thoughts. The system watches these changes to know what you’re thinking.

The system writes information into your thoughts by sending you energy to influence your mind’s signature. If it puts your mind into the signature for “yes” or “no,” you’ll receive that intuition.

But there’s a catch: The system can only communicate with the parts of your mind that are prepared, and can only send details if they’re prepared thoroughly. Let me explain.

The type of information you receive depends on the part of your mind that receives it. If the system talks with the visual parts of your mind, you’ll get images. Auditory parts produce words you “hear in your head.” You can change the way you receive information by preparing other parts of your mind.

Those areas of your mind don’t have just one signature. They’re made of lots of pieces, each with its own signature. The thought isn’t any one of those signatures; it’s the combination of them. If the system has one connection to that area of your mind, it has to send a single uniform signature to all the pieces, which limits it to sending broad concepts like “yes” and “no.” More connections let the system target individual pieces with precise signatures, allowing it to send you more detailed messages.

Most systems only connect to the areas of your mind that have a signature similar to the system’s signature, and they connect better when (1) the area’s signature is very similar, and (2) a larger area has the system’s signature. Your mind will adjust to that signature naturally as you work with a system. But you can adjust your mind much faster with some precise, focused energy.

This series will show you how to prepare any part of your mind for good connections, so the system can send you clear messages.

More on How Psychic Intuition Works

If these terms and concepts are new to you, see How Magick Works. It’s a 3-post series (follow the “More Examples” links at the bottom). Each example builds on the last. The third example is an in-depth explanation of psychic intuition. Once you’ve read that series, this series will be easier to use.

Posts In This Series

Here’s what’s coming up:

  • How to more thoroughly prepare the parts of your mind you already use for psychic intuitions
  • How to prepare new parts of your mind to receive intuitions.
  • An advanced technique that lets an uninitiated mage use systems that normally require initiation.

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