How To Hear Voices (In a Good Way)

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This series is about improving your psychic intuitions, plus all your other communications. Start with the first post here.

Today: How to channel your psychic intuitions into voices, images, concepts, or other senses.

Why Channel Voices, Images or Concepts

I never saw auras. When I first worked with people who did, I was jealous. It sounded so cool. If you are annoyed that you can’t do everything your friends can, this will help you bridge that gap.

It’s also useful. Some information works better through certain senses. Want to know what book to buy while you’re browsing Borders? An image is much easier to interpret than a word. But if you’re searching online, you need the word. What to say to calm someone? Voices are probably most useful. You get the idea.

There is no single best way to receive information. The only best approach is to set them all up, then use the right sense for each type of message.

By the way, for anyone jealous of aura-seeing friends: The information in an aura deals with emotions, energetic-ness, and similar things. There’s nothing inherently visual about that information. It’s just as easy to send tactically. Sent as concepts, you don’t have to learn to interpret the different colors.

How To Receive Images

Receiving images (or any other type of information) comes down to 2 things:

  1. Preparing the part of your mind that handles that type of info.
  2. Telling the system to use that part of your mind and send you that type of info.

Here’s how to do it. I’m using images as an example, but the technique is the same for any type of information.

Find the Right Part of Your Mind

Last post, we improved your accuracy and detail with the type of information you already receive, so you worked with a part of your mind that you already use for magick. This post, we are turning on a new sense, which means we are probably working with a new part of the mind that you don’t use for magick yet.

Your mind is a big place, with lots of different parts for different types of information. To find the right part for the information you want to receive, ask the system. Send the request “Show me where you would connect to send me an image” in the same way you’d send a psychic question. Let the system guide you to that part of your mind.

This works best if you use a sensory connection. Make the connection, use it to look at your connection to the psychic system, then ask the system to show you the right part of your mind by bringing the sensory connection there. Most systems know how to do that.

Bathe Your Mind in Energy

This is the same technique as last post, just applied to a new part of your mind.

Ask the Psychic System to Connect

Once the new part of your mind is prepared to receive information, tell the psychic system to use it. “Connect to the part of my mind that will let you send images. In your replies to my future questions, send me images where appropriate.” Remember, systems are like computers. As long as your instructions are clear, it doesn’t matter if the sentences are a bit inelegant. Aim for pedantic and precise, not poetic.


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