3 Things You Might Not Know About Signatures (But Should)

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Most mages think of an energy signature as the feeling of the energy when you absorb it.

That’s true. But there’s a lot more to signatures. And learning it will help you do magick better.

Here are 3 things you probably don’t know about signatures that will make you a better mage.

1. Everything Has a Signature

Most people think of signature as in “energy signature.” But every magickal structure you work with — connections, mental muscles, systems, and so on — has a signature.

Connections carry energy that matches their signature. If your connection doesn’t match my energy’s signature, my energy won’t flow through it.

Shielding only blocks connections with its signature. If you don’t shield against connections with my signature, you won’t block my connections.

The structures that makes up your mind have signatures, too. Not on the scale of “your frontal lobe has this one signature,” but on the scale of “these couple of nerves have one signature.” Each structure to energy matching its signature. When energy affects your mood, that’s because it energizes the right nerves to put your mind into a relaxed state.

An energized structure emits energy in its signature. So, if your mind is in a relaxed state and you build energy, that energy’s signature will match your relaxed mind’s signature. Everyone’s mind is similar, so that signature will also relax other people. That’s one way you can influence emotions with magick.

2. Signatures Are Like Rocks

Rocks are made of molecules, which are made of atoms, which are made of…

You can break signatures down in the same way. Get small enough, and everything you work with has the same atomic signatures.

This is important for matching someone else’s signature, which you’ll use to see magick, to heal, to bypass shielding, and for most other techniques.

When you match (or “align to”) a signature, you’re making your signature look like theirs. The key is scale. You get OK alignment at the scale you’re using, good alignment at larger scales, and poor alignment at smaller scales. Magick is more effective the better aligned you are, which is why experienced mages practice working with very small-scale signatures.

Energy interacts with structures that have the same small-scale signature building blocks. That’s why your connection can carry several signatures of energy: They all have the same building blocks. If the building blocks aren’t aligned, then the energy won’t interact with that structure. That’s why some energies affect your magickal structures but not your body.

3. The Better The Energy, The Less You Notice

The tingly, warm feeling of energy happens when energy is shifts the signature of your nerves. That means you have to make energy that can interact with your nerves (meaning it has the same small-scale signature), but has a different large-scale signature. If you want to do that, make energy that’s aligned to one part of your body and move that energy somewhere else, or have a friend make energy aligned to themselves and send it to you.

Same with connections. When you feel a connection, you’re really feeling that connection change the signature of the part of you that it connects to.

You won’t feel anything if a connection or an energy is properly aligned. There are 2 ways to do it:

  • Align the small scale signature to the person’s magickal structures, not their body. Now it won’t affect their nerves, and they won’t feel anything.
  • Align the small scale signature to their body, and align part of the large scale signature to their nerves. Now the energy won’t change their nerves’ signature, so they won’t feel anything.

You can do this while doing an effect on a person’s nerves (like for energy healing) by making the signature influence their nerves toward a particular state, rather than just moving the nerves’ signature around semi-randomly to produce the tingling.

(Also, experienced mages will notice aligned energy and connections, but it doesn’t have the tingly feeling).

Novice mages want to feel energy, to know they’re doing it right. But eventually, you’ll know you can make energy, and your goal will become to make aligned energy. And that means you’ll want to make energy that no one notices.

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3 Responses to “3 Things You Might Not Know About Signatures (But Should)”

  1. Lisa says:

    I really like the post! Had I understood this information two years ago, I would have made much faster progress. Great post for novices.

  2. Euddy says:

    Hello, im studying your system. I like it since i don’t wanna learn correspondences, herbs and stuff.

    Can tell me or give a link if you wrote about how to distinguish/feel small signatures, and feeling connections?
    From the little i know from other systems and my personal experience is that i have to visualize (often through remembering an event that carry the energy of the result im looking for) then sent it to the target, or manifest it (visualization, projecting an image, in this case instead of remembering is like creating in my mind, like when a child play with its toys and is free-styling inside the mind)
    What do you recommend me?

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