Building a Magick Community (New Monday Posts)

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This week, while visiting NYC, I’m realizing that even in giant cities, there isn’t a solid community of direct mages. (That is, mages who do my detail-oriented style). It made me sad, but more so, it makes me want to build that community.

So that’s my new project: Building a direct magick community. Really, I started it last year with this blog, but now I’m going to add real-world activities, mostly in Albuquerque, NM. And I’m going to blog about them on Mondays. It will cover meeting people at parties, organizing events, advertising classes, and starting a business.

By the way: I suck at those things. I hope to get better. And I’ll tell you what I learn as I learn it. If you’re sick of me telling you all this magick stuff that I already know how to do, this series will let you laugh at me when I have no clue.

Also, this Thursday is the last advanced magick post for a while. It’s the last post in the Step-By-Step Guide to Learning Direct Magick, and I’m glad to have that series done, at least for now.

After that, Thursday posts will cover practical (read: immediately useful) skills. Stuff for magick novices (like “how to align to a psychic information source“), for ritual mages (I’ll show you how to do ritual magick without rituals), and for the roughly 2 mages who’ve completed the Step-By-Step guide already, I’ll talk about deeper-than-energy healing. I’ll also start flagging posts by who they’re for (novice / experienced with non-direct magick / capable direct mage), so you can spot the right stuff for you.

Thanks for reading. And if there’s anything you’d like me to post about, let me know.

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