Ethics in Magick

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Magick is a tool. It’s up to each of us to use it for good.

People say that power corrupts, but that’s not true. Power lets you be more fully yourself. If your true self is corrupt, you will become more corrupt. But if your true self is enlightened, you will become more able to help people.

This post is for anyone afraid to start magick, unsure if they’ll use it for good. And for anyone who wants to know about the ethics of mages they read.

The Simple Formula

Most of ethical slips happen because magick is anonymous. So pretend that everyone will know everything you do, and let your natural conscience guide you.

Why Rules Fail

I don’t have hard “never do this” rules. Sure, you should strive to respect peoples’ autonomy, use magick to help not harm, and ask before connecting to other mages. But, take mind reading. You shouldn’t read someone’s secrets just because it’s fun. But if your safety is in question — if the guy offering you a ride looks nice but might hurt you — then yeah, read his mind.

Hard rules — never do this, always do this — have too many exceptions to be useful. Better to piggy-back on the natural sense of right and wrong you already have.

Enlightenment is the Real Answer

Enlightenment roughly means understanding yourself and your emotions, seeing the world accurately (filtering out your emotional distortions), and listening to your innate desire to help and connect with people.

There’s no single path to enlightenment, but there is a magickal technique that helps. Consciousness integration helps you sort through unhealthy emotional patterns that interfere with your better urges, which helps you achieve and sustain enlightenment.

To learn consciousness integration, first complete the step-by-step guide to learning direct magick, then practice direct energy healing for 6-12 months, then follow the instructions in this series on consciousness integration.

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