Sensory Connections – Step 4: Seeing Areas

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This series is about seeing magick accurately, so you can see how it works, improve your skills, and learn new techniques quickly.

So far, we’ve been learning to accurately read a signature at a single point. Today, I’ll show you how to see regions (like an entire joint, the region of your mind that directs your mental muscles, etc) by splitting a sensory connection.

If you haven’t read the rest of the series, start with the first post.

Why Split Your Connection?

One connection tells you the signature at one point. But to really understand how magick works, you need to see all the moving parts, which often have different signatures. To see all the moving parts, and all their signatures, you need to split your connection.

Here are a few ways I use networks of connections every day:

  • For energy healing, I use them to view the entire injury, which often spans multiple tissues. For example, energy healing for an inflamed knee requires energy matched to both tendons and cartilage.
  • To check for holes in my shielding. You can’t do that with a single connection to a single point. You need to see the whole shield.
  • For telepathic communication, you need to copy the signatures of a region of someone’s mind into your mind. One signature at one point won’t work. You need all the signatures.

Networks of connections also let you influence tissues and structures at multiple points, which lets you shift their signatures better. This helps you do energy healing, activate hibernating mental muscles, and drive other changes more effectively.

Most of my magick uses networks of connections, because most magick involves multiple moving parts. Once you learn to see areas instead of points, you will use it for most of your magick, too,

How To Split Your Connection

First, there are 2 ways to split a connection:

Method one: To see small-scale signatures, split one large-scale connection into multiple small-scale connections, each with part of the large-scale connection’s signature, and each going to the same point. If you’ve been following this series, you’ve already done this without realizing you were splitting a connection.

This post is about method two: Splitting a large-scale connection into multiple large-scale connections to view different points.

Each of those large-scale connections will be made of multiple small-scale connections. That scale-based splitting should be handled unconsciously and automatically by your mental muscles now.

If you still have to focus to see and align to small-scale signatures, practice that while you learn a practical skill (like energy healing, shielding, psychic intuition, etc), then come back in a few weeks.

To learn it:

  1. Make a connection to something you can work with easily, like your arm, mind, mental muscles, shielding, etc.
  2. While focusing on the spot that your connection goes to, try to also look at another spot near it. Think about using the same connection to look at both spots. Your mind will know it needs to split the connection.
  3. Align each connection to the signature of its spot. They will be similar but not identical.

Practice this until it’s easy, then try looking at 3 or 4 points. This should take about 2 weeks, practicing 5-10 minutes a day.

That just set up a few connections, not a whole network, but the important part is it taught your mind how to split connections. Now we can use that to make a network:

  1. Connect to the same thing as the previous step 1.
  2. Think about wanting to see the entire area (the whole muscle, area of your mind, etc). Your mind knows it needs to make connections throughout the area.
  3. Slowly sweep through the area and align the connections to their signature.

Steps 2 and 3 require your unconscious to translate a general goal (“Align these connections to the right signatures”) into a lot of specific actions (aligning each connection). That’s why you practiced on one connection at a time first: To train them. Now that they know how to align one connection, you can tell them to align a bunch of connections, and they’ll do it accurately and quickly. But without the training, it probably wouldn’t work.


We’ll use all these techniques to trace connections through signature shifts, so you can see where connections lead even if you don’t know already. This lets you see how all the different domains (mind, body, systems, mental muscles, etc) interact, which lets you understand magick more fully.

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